Keep Customers Informed With Real-Time Arrival Information

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Imagine the frustration that your customers might feel in these situations:

They’re expecting your service that day, but they haven’t been given an arrival time. Unable to leave their home or office, they wait for their delivery or technician to arrive.

Or, perhaps they have an approximate arrival time, but the service is delayed because of circumstances beyond your control: staff get held up at other jobs, or get stuck in traffic jams…

OptimoRoute’s Realtime Order Tracking with live ETAs let you tell your customers: “I value your time!” It’s the powerful feature to separate you from your competitors and take your customer service to the next level.

Keeping Your Customers in the Loop Is a Win-Win

When planning routes and schedules with OptimoRoute, it’s easy to share accurate delivery arrival information with customers:

  • They’ll receive a notification email, letting them know that their service has been scheduled for a certain time or time window. The email can contain other relevant information, like their order number and your contact information.
  • The email contains a link to an order tracking page. Here they’ll see updated ETAs, and also a real-time countdown as the arrival time approaches. This accurate arrival time is based on the live tracking of their driver.

Your customers are going to be thrilled – but there’s something in it for you, too. Free up your time and resources, because Realtime Order Tracking will keep customer service enquiries about order statuses and arrival times to a minimum.

Get It All Done at Once

Perhaps you’re already sending your customers notifications about arrival. If so, that’s extra work for you, isn’t it? And the arrival times are most likely static, rather than in real time.

With OptimoRoute, sending Realtime Order Tracking emails is simply integrated into your existing workflow of planning routes and managing orders. On top of that, your customers can see live and updated arrival times based on the actual location of your staff on the field. So, it’s less work for you, and it’s the useful information that your customers actually want.

Fully Customizable, to Suit Your Business

These are just some of the settings and characteristics within the Realtime Order Tracking feature that you can tweak, change and manage – giving you control over what you share with customers:

  • Maintain your brand identity and communication style by configuring the email text, and using your own logo in the email and on the order tracking page.
  • Manage customer expectations by first giving them an arrival time window or the scheduled arrival time.
  • As the arrival time approaches, give your customers the ultimate order tracking experience by sharing live ETAs and countdowns.

Realtime Order Tracking Is Available With Email and Text Messages

You can choose if you want to send your customers emails or text messages with order tracking link – or both!

Keep routing and scheduling with OptimoRoute – the best route optimization software there is.

In the following OptimoRoute customer use case, you’ll see how Realtime Order Tracking helps this business provide excellent customer service and successfully manage their individual workloads.

Every week, the business delivers over one thousand meal preparation kits to customers all over the state. The delivery days are Tuesday and Friday, in the afternoon and evening hours. The routes and delivery schedules are planned one day in advance. The business uses OptimoRoute to plan efficient delivery routes, monitor driver activity, and manage workloads – all performed in one integrated workflow.

Within this workflow, the business sends its customers Realtime Order Tracking emails containing a link to an order tracking page. Those who want/don’t want to receive emails can be managed, therefore respecting customer wishes. The email message is customized with wording that matches their brand and identity. Emails are sent the evening before each delivery, at the same familiar time. A 1-hour time window is shown in the email, then from 2 hours before the arrival time, the order tracking page shows exact arrival times. The business knows their deliveries are very punctual so they are happy to give their customers precise arrival times.

  • The business now has an excellent customer service reputation. Their research has shown that their customers are much more satisfied since the business has been sending OptimoRoute Realtime Order Tracking emails about delivery times.
  • There are only a handful of inquiries regarding delivery times and statuses – compared to the dozens that used to take place before using OptimoRoute’s Realtime Order Tracking. As a result: the Sales and Support team now has much more time to work on growing the business.
  • These benefits have been achieved with only the slightest additions to their workflow which is still one smooth integrated process.

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