Navigating Time Constraints With Flexible Start

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OptimoRoute’s Flexible Start feature automatically plans routes with flexible start times, adhering to specific working hour limitations for drivers. Find the best shift start time for individual drivers to maximize working time and meet customer expectations.

Here’s an example of what this might look like. In the first scenario, a driver begins their route at 8:30 am but doesn’t have an order scheduled for delivery until 11 am. This means they have to wait from 8:30 am to 11 am before starting their first order on the route.

However, by implementing a Flexible Start Time (set at 30 minutes in this instance, but adjustable), the driver with the first order scheduled at 11 am will start their route at 10:30 am, significantly reducing their waiting time.

Tailored Time Management

OptimoRoute understands the necessity for customized time management in route planning. This feature allows businesses to set flexible start times while ensuring drivers comply with predefined working hour limitations. It intelligently plans routes that maximize available working hours for drivers, considering both efficiency and legal restrictions. This is especially important for companies with time windows that are spread across the whole day.

Enhanced Driver Well-Being and Compliance

Driver fatigue and compliance with regulations are industry concerns. OptimoRoute prioritizes driver safety by preventing excessive work hours while sustaining productivity. By automatically factoring in mandated work-hour limitations.

Increased Operational Flexibility

Adapting to unforeseen circumstances is essential. Flexible Start empowers businesses to handle last-minute changes by adjusting start times without compromising route efficiency or driver compliance.

Cost-Efficient Operations

By optimizing routes based on flexible start times within the constraints of driver working hour limitations, OptimoRoute’s Flexible Start contributes to cost savings. Maximizing driver efficiency within legal boundaries reduces overtime costs, minimizes fuel consumption, and optimizes resource utilization, resulting in significant operational savings.

This is a beta feature in the Custom plan, please contact us to activate it.

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