The revolution of route and schedule optimization

Key features

One product with 50+ powerful features

Automated Planning

Import orders and get the most efficient routing for all your drivers at once. Can include service time windows, order load, stop duration, skills needed, service areas and more.

Driver and Vehicle

OptimoRoute calculates allowed working hours and driver costs to help eliminate overtime and reduce costs. Vehicle specifics put orders on the right truck (loading ramp, refrigeration) without overloading.

Live Tracking and ETA

Remove the element of surprise. Know where your drivers are and view estimated time of arrival to each location based on the real-time information collected with the OptimoRoute mobile app.

Realtime Order Tracking

Send customizable SMS messages or emails to customers informing them when the drivers is scheduled to arrive.

Mobile App for Drivers

Native app for iOS and Android manages complete route, order information and navigation all on the driver’s phone. Route updates and order status immediately available.

Realtime Route Modification

Insert last minute orders, adjust stop sequence or replan when a driver calls in sick. Routes automatically recalculated to reflect manual changes.

Pickup and DeliveryBETA

Plan routes with passengers or goods passing from location to another without going through your depot. Contact us to enter our Beta program.

Weekly Planning

Specify days of the week or date ranges when the orders can be serviced and plan up to 5 weeks in advance with one click.

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Multi-day Long-haul RoutesBETA

Drivers complete routes over large area and several days. Stay overnight and continue next day where they left off.

Workload Balancing

Workload can be balanced using only drivers needed or using all drivers and distributing workload among them. Can be balanced by working hours or number of orders per driver.


Concise reports automatically generated from route data. Easily identify high performers. See exactly where planning hits the target and where to make adjustments.


Compare planned routes to actual and zero in with breadcrumbs trail to see exactly where you drivers have travelled. Identify deviations that need to be addressed.

At your fingertips

Go-to tool to get the job done


Order info, schedule and navigation in one easy-to-manage app

Fast communication

Orders updated on the go, including failed deliveries

Lightweight, low data usage

Works on low cost phones, with small data plans. Even works in areas with little or no cell service

Get more done

Small step for your operations, big leap for your business

Fast and Accurate

Routes planned in seconds with all order specifications


Last minute changes incorporated without compromising existing routes

Data from the field

Use Analytics to identify your strong suits and where you can trim the fat

Seamless Growth

Increased efficiency allows you to grow your business with existing staff

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