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Every day, delivery and field service dispatchers deal with dynamic and unpredictable situations – sudden order changes, traffic accidents, unpredictable weather, customer availability issues, and the list goes on. Their ability to adapt quickly is crucial in ensuring a seamless delivery or field service experience. They have to instantly rearrange schedules, coordinate with drivers, while keeping customers in the loop at the same time. 

OptimoRoute can help alleviate some of these challenges. Aside from having a routing engine that will optimize routes in seconds, it also gives users the power to make changes manually and quickly to address emergency or surprise situations. Take what your deliveries or appointments throw at you with ease by integrating last-minute orders, reacting to emergencies, and tweaking routes in seconds. 

But while most of the time the best routes are the fastest or the shortest ones – we understand that might not always be the case. The best routes are also the ones that help you keep your staff productive and your customers happy. That’s why this feature will help you take control of what’s important to you. OptimoRoute’s Intelligent Drag & Drop Timeline provides a visual representation of routes and allows users to effortlessly make adjustments. It is an intuitive and quick way to fine-tune routes for best overall experience.

Created with dispatchers in mind, our Intelligent Drag & Drop Timeline empowers them to have more control over their routing and make quick changes on the fly. It creates flexibility and adaptability to cater to various industries and their business’ unique needs.

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We often have to send routes for approval and sometimes they will want a specific order moved somewhere else. Now we don’t have to go back to the planning page to redo the routes, just being able to drag and drop it into place is pretty slick.”

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Adapt to Last-Minute Changes With Fastest in the Market Tool

OptimoRoute has created the fastest drag & drop capability in the market – no one else comes close. It helps businesses to instantly adapt to any real world challenge, ensuring smooth operations even in dynamic situations. Whether it be a late call-out for a sick employee, unforeseen traffic issues or accidents, mechanical issues or field delays – with a few clicks, you can rearrange your routes, insert or remove stops, move them from one driver or technician to another. And just as soon as you drag these orders/jobs over, the mobile app of field teams can be updated instantly with this newly-optimized schedule without your team missing a beat or your customers having a less-than-ideal experience.

Simplify Route Adjustments With Real-Time Visualization 

Even if you’re working with hundreds, or thousands of orders, dynamic visual representation enables quick evaluation of different scenarios, empowering you to make informed decisions on the spot. As you drag an order / job to a new position, the software recalculates the route plan instantly, allowing you to see the impact of your changes. Additionally, OptimoRoute offers a best-fit feature which is unique to us – simply drag the order to the name of the team member and it will be automatically dropped into the optimal position in your team member’s schedule on the timeline. You will also have the ability to move multiple, grouped or even unscheduled orders – eliminating the need to replan all the routes from the start. 

Experiment and Fine-Tune

With its easy-to-use interface, as well as undo and re-do buttons, you can try different arrangements and assess their impact on overall efficiency. You can explore alternative sequences and instantly evaluate them. This iterative process enables you to refine your routes continuously, finding the best solution for your specific routing needs.

Enhance Collaboration With Simultaneous Editing

The feature enables collaboration among team members involved in route planning. That means that multiple users can be inside the platform at the same time and both make edits. This will help them react quickly to field events or order or job changes and help ensure they keep their work day or delivery schedule on track. This feature is unique to OptimoRoute.

Unlock Full Potential

OptimoRoute’s Drag & Drop Timeline feature is a game-changer for route planning and optimization. By simplifying adjustments, providing real-time visualization, adapting to changes, enabling experimentation and collaboration, this feature empowers businesses to streamline their operations.

Start using the Drag & Drop Timeline to unlock the full potential of route planning, reduce costs, improve employee and customer satisfaction, and achieve optimal efficiency in your delivery and service processes.

Learn more about how to use the Drag & Drop Timeline here.

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