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Your customers have come to expect real-time updates from delivery and service providers. With our real-time order notifications, you’ll never leave customers wondering about the status of their order. 

Whether your customer is eagerly awaiting a special package or planning their day around a service rep’s visit, knowing the latest on an order makes all the difference. And helps set your business apart as the one your customers can count on. 

You’ve Got It Covered Start to Finish

Set up OptimoRoute’s Realtime Order Tracking in just a few clicks and keep your customers up-to-minute. Send an order tracking link and automated notifications to: 

  1. Confirm scheduled delivery or service times
  2. Remind and update your customer when you’re on your way
  3. Share the driver or technician’s location in real time with a Live ETA
  4. Inform about delivery or service completion

Additionally, a free proof of delivery template is available to everyone, and proof of delivery through order tracking is available to our customers. So, when customers check their tracking link after an order is completed, they’ll see any information collected such as their signature, or the picture the driver took of their delivery on the doorstep.

To uplevel your customer service experience with these new features, learn more and get set up with Realtime Order Tracking and Proof of Delivery.

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