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Customer feedback is vital to building your business reputation and increasing customer loyalty. Seeing customer reactions when they experience your product or service can be informative, motivating, and rewarding. 

Solidify Business Reputation and Grow Customer Loyalty

With OptimoRoute’s automatic customer feedback requests, you can easily: 

  • Collect ratings and comments from your customers right away 
  • Make informed decisions to improve your service
  • Quickly learn where you shine, and ensure that your reputation spreads

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Ensure You’re Providing a Great Service

OptimoRoute makes it easy for your customers to share their feedback privately. With this real-time insight into what’s working and what’s not, you can ensure the highest quality experience for your customers.

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Our customer service department monitors the feedback in real-time while drivers are en route so they can quickly respond to any issues that may come up with the delivery. 

Then we share relevant feedback with the drivers: they get the praise right away for good morale and hear the complaints as well so they know where they can improve.”

Robert L., Eldum Rétt

Identify Stand-Out Personnel and Increase Accountability

Our analytics dashboard lets you look at driver ratings over time, so you can celebrate strong performance and spot patterns. You can easily export reports by driver to share with staff and encourage growth. 

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“We started showing reviews to the drivers right away. For a long time we wanted to get more driver accountability. Now, drivers are trying to get more good reviews. Management is excited by how this will continue to grow.”

Tricia O., The Urban Grape

Customer Feedback in a Minute

It takes only a minute to: 

  • Personalize your survey question
  • Send automatic feedback invites through SMS or email
  • See private reviews in your dashboard

Get hundreds of private reviews in a matter of days and see what boosts your reputation and customer loyalty.

Promote Great Feedback on Your Website

People evaluating your service for the first time want to know what your existing customers think. Customer feedback helps you celebrate and share your wins.

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“We got so much positive feedback, it’s been great. I can grab quotes and put them right on our website.” 

Michelle A., Anthony’s Oil 

Learn more about setting up Customer Feedback here.

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