You’ve Done the Work – Now You Can Prove It

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The package is delivered, the service is complete – now you can rest assured with Proof of Delivery, one of OptimoRoute’s most used features.

Whether customers are simply asking about the status of their service or they’re calling with a complaint, it can be hard to handle the situation smoothly if you weren’t actually there. With Proof of Delivery, your delivery drivers, technicians, and all other field staff can gather a range of relevant information — like signatures, photos and notes — in real time via the OptimoRoute Mobile App. Now when customers call, you’re always ready to respond quickly and professionally no matter the issue.

 In just a couple of clicks your team can collect: 

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Electronic notes to record specific details about each order

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Customer signatures to confirm a delivery or service is completed

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Photos as visual proof of completed deliveries or services

Better Accountability, More Transparency

With Proof of Delivery, dispatchers and other back-office staff will always know what’s happening out on the road: what’s completed, what hasn’t gone according to plan – and why. Capturing information digitally and in real time (such as photos of damaged goods, or a quick note explaining that a customer was not home at the scheduled time of service) is an instant insight into what went wrong. Mistakes and accidents do happen. With Proof of Delivery, you’ll be able to smoothly handle these mishaps. Refer to the information gathered onsite, and avoid having to put the customer’s word against your staff’s version of events. 

Minimize Frustration by Quickly Resolving Customer Claims 

Whether customers ask about the status of their service, submit a complaint, or have other disputes related to the service you’ve agreed to perform, Proof of Delivery lets you instantly start investigating the problem. All of the information captured via the Mobile App is automatically fed back into the OptimoRoute web application. Just pull up the unique order information and get back to customers with a response ASAP. You’ve saved a heap of time, kept customers happy, and maybe even identified ways of preventing the problem from happening again.  

Less Paperwork? Yes Please, Where Do I Sign?!

Proof of Delivery is one more way that OptimoRoute streamlines operations for your business. From instant route planning, to the automated sending of Realtime Order Tracking notifications, OptimoRoute saves you time and lets you focus on making your business the best it can be. Use it to replace paper documentation with easy-to-access digital documentation all in one place. Instead of collecting, scanning and filing physical confirmations for the completion of a delivery or service, just get a customer signature via Proof of Delivery. Don’t manually enter order completion information into your database – let Proof of Delivery automatically update you with all the relevant information you need.        

Let’s Get You Started

Proof of Delivery is available to all OptimoRoute Pro and Custom customers, at no extra charge. Learn how to set it up here.

Our Proof of Delivery Help Topic explains how easy it is to activate and configure the feature to suit your business needs.

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