Increase Employee Productivity and Satisfaction With Workload Balancing

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Managing the workload of drivers or field service technicians is a challenge for delivery or field service companies that manually plan their routes. The plans that are created are often inefficient and unfair, with an unevenly distributed workload amongst drivers or field techs, which causes complaints and unhappy employees, which in turn, leads to unhappy customers.

By balancing the workload, companies can help ensure that their employees feel like they are being treated fairly and equally. It also allows the business to tailor routes around their key performance initiatives, whether they’re trying to minimize the number of drivers or field techs required for their current orders or trying to maximize the number of orders they can handle. Managing the workload in such a way will increase employee happiness, increase productivity, and allow your business to serve customers better.

Automatically plan balanced routes

OptimoRoute’s workload balancing feature enables companies to balance workload between drivers/field techs automatically when optimizing and gives a new dimension of control over staffing decisions and costs while creating efficient delivery routes and work schedules. 

OptimoRoute’s AI-powered route balancing options:

  • 100% Optimization: This creates the best routes, but some drivers or technicians may not be used at all – Based on the number of job orders 
  • Split Balance Optimization: Balance the workload between drivers or techs (hours / driver or loads / driver) – Will balance across the team but with optimization still in consideration
  • Full Balance Optimization: Balance the workload between all available drivers or techs (hours / driver or loads / driver) – Will balance full team – balance as primary consideration

If necessary, you can adjust: which drivers/technicians are included in the route planning, the number of orders assigned to the drivers or techs, their work time, and which vehicle they will be driving. You also have the option of using a scale bar to determine the balancing factor among your drivers/technicians.

With OptimoRoute you can also assign tasks to the right employees with the right qualifications and skill sets. By doing this you are not overloading your employees with work they’re not equipped to handle, which makes for better workload management.

With balanced routes and excellent workload management, your drivers or technicians can focus on providing stand-out service out on the road.

Benefits of a balanced workload

  • Improved workplace performance
  • Efficient routes and decreased cost
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Better retention in the workplace
  • Better customer experience delivered

This feature is central to the OptimoRoute experience and is available in all price plans.

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