Organizing the Mobile Workforce

Plan your day instantly.
Optimize for top productivity.
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How it works

Route and schedule optimization made easy.

Easily import orders

  • Upload orders from a CSV or Excel file
  • Multiple order parameters supported
  • Customer details available for future orders
Easily import orders

Plan routes

  • Efficient multi stop routes right away
  • Routes optimized with all your parameters
  • Mid-day orders slide easily into workflow
Plan routes

Send routes to drivers

  • Routes go directly to drivers’ phones
  • Orders, schedule, navigation in a single app
  • Mid-route changes immediately on driver screen
Send routes to drivers

Live Tracking

  • Shows where your drivers are at any time
  • What’s done, who’s on time, who’s behind
  • Last minute, rush orders easy to assign
Live Tracking

Customer Notifications

  • Share accurate estimated times of arrival with your customers
  • Integrated & customizable email notification delivery platform
  • Automatic status updates
Customer Notifications


  • Automatically generated from your route data
  • Identify high performers with easy-to-compare results
  • Detailed and at-a-glance stats

Why choose OptimoRoute

The fastest optimization software on the market


Serve more customers

Increase efficiency of your employees by reducing driving time.


Save time and money every day

Save time and gas with optimal routes and smarter assignments.


Reduce planning efforts

Faster planning thanks to our fully automated process. Eliminate stress and minimize planning efforts.

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Increase the level of your service

Meet customer expectations with realistic schedules and accurate arrival times.

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