Realtime Order Tracking Just Got More Versatile: Text Message Notifications Are Here

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OptimoRoute launches Realtime Order Tracking via text messages – giving you one more way of impressing customers with live ETAs.  

Our most popular feature got a boost: you can now send your customers text messages with a live tracking link! With the addition of text messages to Realtime Order Tracking, OptimoRoute has you covered. You know the communication style that best suits your brand, and what your customers prefer receiving – an email, or a text message, or both. Whatever you choose, you’ll be giving them the same valuable information: your planned arrival time, with a live tracking link to follow it in real time!

Who’d Think That Emails and Text Messages Are Capable of So Much? 

Customers love knowing the status of the deliveries or service that they’re waiting for. Giving them the ability to track their order with lives ETAs (ETAs vs ETDs) is a pretty good move for your business. It will eliminate the frustration of not knowing when to expect your arrival. So, your business’s customer satisfaction and loyalty will skyrocket, while your customer service workload will be much smaller and more manageable. Ideal, isn’t it?  

Automatically Send Your Customers Text Messages

Using Realtime OrderTracking via text messages is easy – it’s seamlessly integrated into the OptimoRoute planning process. Making it happen involves a couple of simple steps: 

  • There’s a template to help you tailor the text message your customers will receive. Here you can change the default wording, and ‘feed in’ the relevant information that you choose – like order ID and the ETA. 
  • The text message will also include the live tracking link where customers can follow your progress in real time – there’s even a live countdown to your arrival time! 
  • Once the routes are planned, the texts are ready for sending – meaning you can send them in advance, or the day of the service.  
  • When you hit send, customers will receive a text message like this →

And the order tracking link takes them to their live tracking page, where the time information changes as the arrival time approaches:

You can find detailed information on how Realtime Order Tracking works and how to set it up in our Help Topic

What Our Customers Say about Realtime Order Tracking

“And now clients can track their own delivery! It’s brilliant!”

“One of our favourite OptimoRoute features is that it can let our clients know the live tracking of our delivery team.”

“Communication communication and communication. Our clients love knowing the status of their deliveries.”

“Having email tracking is a great feature for our company because it helps us let our clients know everything about their deliveries.”

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