Coordinated Orders: Complex Route Planning Made Simple

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Sometimes an order or job requires more than one driver or technician to manage. Deliveries that require additional installation or field service jobs that require several technicians to complete the job. Managing multiple drivers or technicians for a single job can be a logistical challenge. Thankfully, OptimoRoute’s Coordinated Orders feature steps in as a game-changer, simplifying complex route planning when more than one driver or technician is needed to complete a delivery or a job. It ensures that multiple delivery people or service technicians arrive at the same time, regardless of where the order or job lands in their respective routes.

Efficient Resource Allocation

By consolidating jobs that need multiple workers, the platform intelligently plans routes to optimize travel time and minimize overlaps, ensuring that each team member’s efforts are utilized effectively – maintaining efficient schedules for everyone.

Seamless Collaboration

The feature facilitates seamless collaboration among multiple drivers or technicians assigned to a single job. By providing clear route plans and detailed job information to each team member involved, OptimoRoute ensures everyone is on the same page, promoting smoother execution and better communication throughout the service or delivery process.

Improved Customer Experience

Efficiency is key to a positive customer experience. Using this feature means faster response times and more efficient service delivery. Customers benefit from prompt, coordinated efforts, resulting in enhanced satisfaction and increased loyalty to the business.

Scalability and Flexibility

Whether managing a small team or a large fleet, this feature is scalable and flexible. It adapts to varying workloads and job complexities, making it an ideal solution for businesses experiencing growth or fluctuating demands.


Our customers use this feature in many different scenarios. Here are some of them:

  • Heavy deliveries or jobs comprised of two parts:
    • One driver might deliver a fridge and another driver a freezer and they both need to work together to install it
  • Complicated tasks:
    • An electrician and a plumber might need to work together on a task
    • Fire inspector and work safety inspector might need to work together

Here is an example of how this would look like in the app. The two drivers will both arrive at Candiworks at the same time.

Additionally, this feature can also be used with our pickup and delivery. For instance, a customer might want to coordinate two deliveries, two pickups, or both.

Experience the power of coordinated efficiency with OptimoRoute and transform your multi-person job assignments into streamlined successes.

This is a beta feature in the Custom plan, please contact us to activate it.

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