Enhancing Logistics With OptimoRoute’s Commercial Routing Feature

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At OptimoRoute, we understand the unique challenges faced by businesses with large-scale delivery operations. Commercial vehicles encounter various road restrictions, from size limitations to street access restrictions, making route planning a daunting task. 

Our Commercial Routing feature takes all these factors into account to provide you with an intelligent and efficient route optimization solution for your large and hazardous material vehicles. It goes beyond conventional route planning by considering additional factors to ensure precision-driven and cost-effective deliveries for your specific needs.

Increased Efficiency

By enabling this feature, the dispatcher no longer needs to take into account the real route which used to be different compared to the calculated one. That results in more correct overall routes, as well as more accurate distribution of orders. As well as size, weight and hazardous vehicle restrictions, our smart optimization algorithms factor in delivery windows, vehicle capacities, and more to provide you with the most time-efficient and cost-effective routes – automatically.

Improved Customer Experience

Timely deliveries are key to keeping your customers satisfied. Commercial Routing enables you to confidently offer accurate delivery ETAs and ensures that your drivers reach their destinations promptly –  leading to happy customers and repeat business. 

Compliance With Road Restrictions 

Never worry about trucks inadvertently taking prohibited routes again. OptimoRoute’s Commercial Routing considers all road restrictions, ensuring that your delivery fleet adheres to local regulations, weight limits, vehicle size constraints, and hazardous material HAZMAT restrictions. This minimizes the risk of fines and penalties, keeping your business in good standing with authorities and the community. 

Enhanced Safety and Hazardous Material Handling

Safety is paramount in the transportation industry. By avoiding streets unsuitable for commercial vehicles, our platform helps prevent accidents and minimizes potential damages to your fleet. Safeguard your drivers, vehicles, and cargo, and boost your company’s safety record. For businesses that transport hazardous materials, finding routes that not only comply with regulations but also hazard restrictions is a complex endeavor. OptimoRoute makes it easy.

Flexibility and Choice

All business types which have fleets with different road restrictions will benefit from being able to assign different routing behavior for different vehicles. The feature offers different vehicle profiles – large vehicle or hazardous material vehicle. This ensures that businesses can choose the profile that best aligns with their fleet. 

OptimoRoute’s Commercial Routing is a game-changer for businesses seeking efficient and cost-effective delivery operations. By factoring in road restrictions, safety considerations, and real-time updates, our platform empowers you to optimize logistics without compromising compliance or customer satisfaction.

Try Commercial Routing and experience the transformative impact it can have on your delivery operations. Learn how to set up Commercial Routing here.
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