Multi-Day Long-Haul Routes 

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Does your business require you to plan delivery routes crossing multiple states, or plan delivery routes or field service jobs taking several days with overnight stays? Does that long-haul route also require your drivers or technicians to be at certain locations in a specific time window or on a certain date, delivering goods or performing services, taking into account their vehicle capacity or technician skills as well? 

Planning such routes manually can be extremely complicated and time-consuming and often results in inefficient and costly routes.

OptimoRoute gets your long-haul routes or multi-day service work planned in mere seconds, factoring in your planning constraints (such as time windows, technician skills, working hours, and vehicle capacity/features), delivering cost-effective routes while also increasing operational efficiency. Planning is fully automated and will create an optimal route for your delivery or service organization. 

OptimoRoute’s Multi-Day Long-Haul feature will create routes that optimize your teams traveling over long distances, and ensure that they arrive at the right location on time, and return efficiently to your home office or another pre-defined end location. 

You will be able to track your team in real-time and know exactly when they’ll be at your customer’s location, and your customers will also be updated on when their products are to be delivered or service is to be performed with our Realtime Order Tracking feature. 

How does it work

Planning a long-haul route is as simple as planning a daily schedule. The only difference is you can specify the multi-day time frame in the application, even as far as 5 weeks out. 

The schedules created will factor in all order, driver, and vehicle constraints, such as order type (delivery, pickup, task), vehicle capacity, vehicle size (size restrictions), driver working hours, driver skills, driver cost, hazmat material road restrictions, etc.

The software will also take into account when your driver or field tech has to work longer hours to get to a location, making sure that they start later the next day to get enough rest. They will then continue the route at the location where they left off the day before.

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Once you’ve created your routes, you can easily send them to the OptimoRoute Mobile App, where drivers or field technicians can access all order information, mark order completion, and collect Proof of Delivery or Service, along with the ability to capture Customer Feedback.

The advantages of using route planning software for long-haul routes

OptimoRoute is the only route optimization software on the market that can plan long-haul routes with overnight stays, taking into account planning constraints. 

  • With OptimoRoute, planning is automated, reducing the time spent on planning from hours to seconds
  • OptimoRoute AI-powered route optimization and planning creates the most efficient routing possible, reducing fuel costs and miles driven
  • OptimoRoute allows you to plan routes for up to 5 weeks at a time
  • The OptimoRoute platform factors in order, driver, and vehicle constraints for a detailed long-haul route

Interested in trying it out for your business?

Multi-day Long-haul is a part of the OptimoRoute Custom plan, which also includes access to other advanced features, as well as technical consulting and extended expert support. If you’re interested in learning more about it and how it can benefit your business, please feel free to reach out to our experts at anytime. 

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