Automated Planning That Gets You Route Planning Solutions That Work – In Seconds

What if you could automate planning for your entire month’s worth of tasks or deliveries and have those plans be automatically updated when unforeseen changes occur? 

Imagine spending all that time focused on growing your business and less time on manual scheduling, sorting out delivery management or specific route optimization details. 

OptimoRoute gets you route planning solutions that work – in a matter of seconds. For your routes to work, they need to account for your business’s real-world challenges while delivering cost-effective routes and schedules. OptimoRoute factors all your needs in automatically to deliver the most efficient routes for your team members in a user-friendly way.  

Once you hit “plan routes,” any changes are automated too. OptimoRoute will automatically replan and reschedule your routes if things change in the moment. The route management software sends real-time updates and the latest, accurate arrival times to your dispatchers, drivers or customers.

Thanks to OptimoRoute’s route optimization software, sophisticated functionality and smart scheduling algorithms – all your workforce management and last mile needs are easily met. 

Your Unique Routing Needs, Factored in Instantly  

OptimoRoute’s route planning software is incredibly easy to use and flexes to your needs. Our algorithms can automatically plan around what matters most to you:

Automated updates to routes

Your routes may need to change. OptimoRoute accounts for last-minute cancellations and sends customers SMS notifications in real time, and provides drivers new tasks via the Mobile App. 

Driver skills and availability

Equally efficient at fleet management or planning delivery operations for a single driver based on unique skill sets. The software automatically allocates tasks to people with the required skills.

Delivery times and service windows

Plan your work around customers’ desired time windows and availability, specific date ranges, or day of the week constraints and deliver the best customer experience.

Flexible scheduling for drivers

Plan routes that support drivers starting or leaving from their homes or other locations, place limits on working hours, labor costs with overtime, and miles driven.

Location-based route planning

Keep your drivers within specific service areas, or cluster tasks and deliveries together before driving to another area.

Automated work break planning

Plan optimal time for breaks while minimizing disruptions in service.

Task and order variations

Account for backhauling and reverse logistics, plan multiple returns to depot for unloading or restocking, and include variable task durations and wait times into decision-making. 

Vehicle-specific planning

Plan routes according to vehicle load capacity or specific vehicle features required for the task.

Coordinated orders

Maintain a healthy supply chain by coordinating more drivers to one task and account for multi-stop routes, backhauling and reverse logistics.

Beta feature available for free to our trial users. Please contact us to activate.

Long-haul deliveries

Combine pick-up and delivery with variable task duration including routes that take several days with overnight stays across multiple states.  

Beta feature available for free to our trial users. Please contact us to activate.

Weekly planning

Produce schedules 5 weeks ahead and let the software suggest optimal dates to perform tasks.

Beta feature available for free to our trial users. Please contact us to activate.

A Better Bottom Line—Fully Automated 

Our customers see an immediate reduction in operating costs when they start using OptimoRoute. Here are the highlights: 

  • Reduce planning time from hours to seconds
  • Complete more deliveries or appointments per day with the same team
  • Free up resources for more important things like growing the business
  • Maximize billable hours and vehicle utilization 
  • Increase operational efficiency regardless of your fleet size  
  • Reduce fuel costs, miles driven and increase your business profitability

Let’s Get You Started

Automated planning is central to the OptimoRoute experience and is available in all three price plans.

Our How to plan optimal routes Help Topic explains how easy it is to activate and configure the feature to suit your business needs.

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