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Load Planning: How to Start Optimizing Your Deliveries

Making the most of your freight vehicles and drivers is a constant challenge for all trucking companies, large and small. And that’s especially important in an economy where the competition on price is increasing all the time. In 2019, increasing price pressure from competitors was a significant challenge for…

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The Restaurant Delivery Mistake You Need to Avoid

You have two options when it comes to delivery: do it yourself or use a courier service.  Hiring a courier service that handles only on-demand delivery sounds like a great idea: their business model is exclusively executing deliveries, and outsourcing should cut down on your overhead, right?  Unfortunately, wrong. Sanitation…

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What Is Last Mile Delivery & How to Optimize It in 2020

What Is Last Mile Delivery? Last mile delivery is the transportation of goods from a distribution hub to the final delivery destination — the door of the customer. The goal of last mile logistics is to deliver the packages as affordably, quickly and accurately as possible.  Many retailers now focus…

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Field Sales: How to Manage Your Outside Sales Force More Efficiently

Your sales reps cover a wide area. Their meetings can last from 10 seconds of ringing a doorbell to multiple hours meeting a whole company’s board. Then they have to drive to the next call or meeting while also planning their tomorrow. Alternatively, you have a dispatcher responsible for a…

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