Need to Pick Up and Deliver From Multiple Locations?

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In today’s complex route-planning environment, many delivery businesses do not conform to a standard service model – which typically involves loading your orders for the day at your depot and delivering each order to a particular location. 

With OptimoRoute, you can handle pickups and deliveries in one route plan, without having to stop at your depot. 

Let’s say, for example, that you’re an electronics retailer who performs at-home deliveries. Some of the inventory for your orders might be housed at your main store, but other items might come from your store or warehouse locations. This allows you to serve a wider range of customer needs by using multiple places to store inventory. 

The use cases for this feature are not limited to the pickup and delivery of goods – you can also pick up a passenger (perhaps a technician from a satellite location). Or, you might have an item waiting at a third-party location that needs to be delivered directly to another third-party location. 

Manage Pickup and Delivery for Any Business Scenario

With OptimoRoute’s fully automatic and optimized hybrid workflow, you can mix and match installation services, warehouse pickups, component and tool pickups and deliveries, and appliance deliveries in the same planned route. You can even “reverse haul”: pick up goods to be returned to your depot. You may also create pickup and delivery options on new and existing orders easily. 

Plus, you can effectively manage your vehicle capacity. Because every vehicle can only hold so many packages, if your driver needs to pick up a package at one stop, you need to know for certain that they will have the space available to do so. 

Pickup and Delivery is available in the OptimoRoute Custom Plan, which you can learn more about by reaching out to We’d love to demonstrate the power of this feature and our other great features for you. 

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