Sometimes after planning your routes you will want to modify the stop sequence to adjust it better to the real world scenarios. For this reason OptimoRoute™ allows you to manually change the route and stop number for all planned orders.

To change the driver/vehicle or stop number for a specific order, double-click the order in the orders table or click on the marker on the map. This will bring up the Edit order window.

If the order is already scheduled you will only be able to modify the driver/vehicle and stop number. Make the necessary adjustment and click Save.

If this is a new order that has not yet been planned, set the driver/vehicle and stop number by checking the Manual Scheduling checkbox.

When an order is manually edited and the fields Resource and Stop number are changed, the system will remove the order from the old route and insert it to the new route at the specified stop number. The system does not re-optimize the stop order in the changed routes automatically. It is also important to note that the system will not enforce constraints (like driver work time, vehicle load capacity) during manual route modification.

There is an option to re-plan the orders without changing the drivers/vehicles for already planned orders (please see the screenshot for details on how to run the optimization with this restriction) – only the stop order inside existing routes will be changed (and unplanned orders will be inserted). You could use this option after making manual changes to the routes for polishing out the routes.

If you manually add an order and want to optimize a new route for only a portion of your drivers, you can lock the route of specific drivers in the route tab under the map. By locking a specific driver(s) you can change and optimize any new orders that have been added, while maintaining those routes that you are satisfied with. To initiate the lock driver feature, simply click on the lock to lock a specific driver.

However, please note that if during manual route modifications some constraints were broken (for example if you created a route that takes longer than the specified driver work time), replanning the orders could result in some orders being removed from the route. These would have to be manually planned/added to a route.