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As your business grows, so does the paperwork and administration that accompanies it. Every dispatcher or administrator sooner or later receives an incorrect address from a client. While incorrect addresses can become a clerical and accounting issue, if your business requires travelling to the customer, that can create a whole new set of problems.

Customers have increasingly expected efficiency and reliability from companies they purchase goods and services from, so even a single hiccup in service can cause a change in the customer’s ordering habits. In a Voxware survey of retail customers, 55% of respondents stated they would abandon a retailer completely if they received a late delivery 2 to 3 times.

While retail runs as a specific business model, it can be helpful to view this as a trend across all businesses and services.

The way to ensure you don’t fall into the category of late and unreliable businesses, OptimoRoute™’s embedded geocoder verifies the address location of every order inputted into the system. If any mistakes or inaccuracies are present, our software will prompt you to verify the address and/or coordinates to make sure your schedule remains as efficient and reliable as possible.