Efficient Retail and Distribution Route Planning for Small and Large Fleets

Businesses need a quick and reliable route planner when it comes to organizing their retail and distribution routes. Increase your efficiency when you automate planning routes and schedules.

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Retail Delivery and Distribution Made Easy

Faster planning and efficient routes are key ingredients for building your distribution and retail business.

Increase delivery efficiency by 43% using the same workforce

Increase delivery efficiency by 43% using the same workforce

With route optimization, reduce driving times and missed deliveries.

Save 30% of your time and money every day

Save 30% of your time and money every day

Efficient retail delivery routes that accommodate all workforce constraints will save you time and gas.

7x faster planning and seamless integration with your existing systems

7x faster planning and seamless integration with your existing systems

Minimize planning efforts thanks to our fully automated process.

Get the customer support you need

Get the customer support you need

Don’t let troubleshooting hold you up. OptimoRoute’s customer support reps are ready to talk you through it.

How Does Route Planning for Retail and Distribution Work

Get started in minutes

  • Import deliveries from Excel or your online ordering system and view them on a map.
  • Optimize routes based on multiple constraints, including delivery areas, priorities, and delivery time windows.
  • Set multiple depots and distribution centers.
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“OptimoRoute is really easy to get started on. The interface makes sense and people on our team were able to figure it out and begin using it very quickly. It has really streamlined our processes and allows us to make changes to our busy routes on the fly.”
Ann S. , Dispatch Supervisor, Canndescent

Plan efficient routes

  • Create optimized multi-stop routes instantly to improve outbound logistics efforts.
  • Calculate routes and schedules that include drivers’ allowed working hours and lunch breaks.
  • Configure vehicle specifics to make sure orders end up on the right truck without overloading.
  • Plan reload stops before starting the next trip.
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“Before, planners would have to work constantly to get orders routed. Now, one planner goes in, punches a couple of buttons, and goes to lunch – and he’s done the planning for the next day!”
Arley G. , Logistics Manager, Hardie’s Fresh Foods

Live Track your last-mile delivery team and manage their ETAs

  • See where your fleet is in real time with driver tracking.
  • Know which delivery drivers are on schedule and who has fallen behind.
  • Easily assign last-minute rush orders.
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“It has been a great time saver with determining where my drivers are delivering to. All said, it has made this section of our business more efficient.”
Jeff F. , Warehouse Manager, Estate Brands Distributing Company

Keep customers informed with live ETAs

  • Share accurate estimated delivery times with your customers.
  • Send customers emails or text messages with a live tracking link.
  • Our Uber-like tracking experience improves customer satisfaction.
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“I really like all the options for seeing your routes in real time.”
James E. , Director of Sales, ABC COOP

Document distribution with Proof of Delivery

  • Capture digital signatures, photos, and notes in the Mobile App.
  • Record and upload delivered items with images or customer signatures.
  • Digitized documentation makes record keeping seamless and resolves customer complaints or inquiries.
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Mobile App for drivers

  • Send routes directly to drivers’ smartphones.
  • Orders, schedules, and navigation are in a single app (iPhone and Android).
  • Mid-route changes immediately show on driver screens.
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“Speedy and intuitive web application, combined with a nice phone application for drivers that provides them with an order list and navigation to each stop.”
Joe C. , Director, Carter United

Weekly delivery management

  • Scale your business by slotting jobs into days with light workloads.
  • Schedule a backlog of deliveries up to five weeks in advance.
  • Create multi-day schedules with delivery times that match customers’ preferences.
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“Powerful routing that does everything we need – full weekly planning with the ability to to manage multiple vehicles.”
David B. , Distribution Manager, Kent Falls Brewing Company

How to Improve Your Retail Distribution Routing


1. Sign up for a 30-day free trial

Our optimization consultant will be in touch immediately.


2. Import your orders and drivers and plan their routes

Everything you need to help you get started.


3. Read how Hardie’s Fresh Foods reduces mileage by 20% while increasing delivery capacity by 14%

Using OptimoRoute, Hardie’s Fresh Foods improved their operational efficiency while maintaining on-time delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of retail distribution businesses does OptimoRoute support?

OptimoRoute’s retail distribution route planning software supports the outbound logistics for a variety of businesses, from food delivery to retail delivery and many more. From small to large fleets, using OptimoRoute helps businesses scale their operations, cut costs and planning time, improve their efficiency, and provide a better delivery experience.

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What do I need to set up OptimoRoute?

OptimoRoute is a web-based service, so you only need a web browser. There is no installation on your computer. Click here to learn how to get started.


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How does OptimoRoute improve the customer experience?

We improve the customer experience by making deliveries faster and helping improve your delivery operations. In fact, Hardie’s Fresh Foods managed to increase their delivery capacity by 14% while keeping on-time delivery at 90% (and increasing).

Is there a limit of orders I can plan at once?

Depending on your planthe limit is 250, 500, or 750. This means you can import 250, 500, or 750 orders at once, as well as have that same number of orders taken into consideration during your next planning timeframe.


Does OptimoRoute support ELD compliance?

Yes—by configuring drivers’ working hours and breaks and balancing workloads between drivers, OptimoRoute helps you stay compliant with ELD requirements.

Learn more about ELD compliance

How can I optimize my truck routing further?

Recently, we published an in-depth article about truck routing for retail delivery and distribution, so make sure to check it out HERE.


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Reduce your operational costs by 30%
Increase delivery capacity by 43%
Plan 7x faster

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