Bee Imagine Uses OptimoRoute to Cut Labor Costs and Improve Customer Service

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This third-party logistics (3PL) provider uses OptimoRoute for optimized delivery routes that are quick to plan, but still meet all time and load constraints.

They have managed to cut down on labor hours thanks to more efficient planning, their customer service has improved as they can inform customers of arrival times and meet delivery expectations, and out of control overtime hours are now being managed

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Fully automated order import

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Considerable reduction in time spent planning

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Better control of overtime

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Predictive ETAs to help improve customer service

About Bee Imagine

Bee Imagine LLC is based in the south of Los Angeles, located in the heart of Southern California and the booming international trade community. With direct access to the nation’s extensive rail and interstate freeway systems, Bee Imagine distributes domestic and international cargo with expedited transportation to local, national and international destinations. 

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4,000+ per month

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11 trucks

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An Inefficient Planning Process Needed Automating

Bee Imagine started using OptimoRoute in 2018 because they wanted a system that was functional and would improve their overall planning and delivery efficiency:

“For starters, we needed a solution that was fully automated – rather than manually typing everything. With OptimoRoute we just import our csv. file and we can route about one hundred orders with different time windows and priorities for our fifteen drivers in minutes.”

Luis Flores, from Bee Imagine, claims that the other solutions they researched only use distance-based routing. “I would’ve thought that routing based on time windows would be an absolutely necessary function of any routing software, but this is not the case!”

Planning With OptimoRoute Has Transformed Bee Imagine’s Customer Service  

Additionally, while exploring OptimoRoute, Flores noticed that projected (predictive) ETAs are helping train new dispatchers to estimate ETAs for clients more than two stops ahead on a route. This has also improved customer service, as they can now give customers accurate delivery arrival times.

OptimoRoute is the complex and powerful solution that lets Bee Imagine respect customers’ various preferred time windows for delivery – without compromising on route and schedule efficiency.

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Increase delivery capacity by 43%
Plan 7x faster

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OptimoRoute Keeps Overtime Hours to a Minimum

Another benefit of planning with OptimoRoute has been controlling the overtime hours incurred thanks to manual planning:

“This software will cut down on labor hours considerably. We’d had issues with our client sending the list of stops late at night, requiring planners to accumulate overtime as manual routing took up to 4 hours”.

Flores concludes, “Bee Imagine’s motto is Success is helping others to succeed. And, simply put – OptimoRoute is really helping us succeed.”

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