Lower operating costs by planning the most efficient schedules and routes

When everything needs to be exact, don’t let your route or schedule hinder the flow of your business. OptimoRoute™ has the ability to configure the most efficient route and schedule possible, by taking into consideration any and all constraints that can affect any given order. Get the job done fast by saving money on wasted time, and fuel costs.

  • Adhere to regulation by setting working times and lunch breaks for your drivers
  • Balance workload between your drivers
  • Set location business hours and delivery/pickup time windows
  • Support for different start and end locations for your drivers
  • Prioritize orders so important customers get served first
  • Assign specific territories to drivers
  • Consider specific vehicle characteristics, like refrigerated cargo space and loading ramps, that are needed for specific orders
  • Configure vehicle capacities based on number of boxes, number of pallets, weight, volume or any other quantifiable parameter
  • Plan return trips to depot for reloading or unloading goods if it is still time left in the drivers working time
  • Import orders from Excel or CSV files or automate the process by integrating your systems with OptimoRoute™
  • Automate planning and returning the planning results into your system using the web service API
  • Email routes and schedules to driver smartphones, or upload to navigation devices such as Garmin, Tomtom and Navigon
  • Enterprise customers with 100+ drivers can contact us for direct API access to the planning engine supporting all of the above plus: multi day planning and pickup & delivery where goods are picked up at one customer location and delivered to another without returning to the depot location