Customers looking to automate their processes and integrate OptimoRoute™ with other third party software can do this using our Web Service Application Programming Interface (API). The web service API can be used to integrate ecommerce platforms, accounting software, and other business software with OptimoRoute™ and automate tasks such as importing orders, starting the optimization, and getting the information about planned routes from OptimoRoute™.

OptimoRoute provides a flexible API for platform integration with client-side systems. Available actions include:

  • Create, update or delete orders
  • Plan routes
  • Retrieve route and scheduling information back into the client-side system
  • Update driver parameters, such as working hours, vehicle assignments, start and end location, etc.
  • When your drivers go live, monitor their activity by receiving their live tracking events
  • Retrieve completion details for an order, including all available proof of delivery data
  • Use your own mobile app and send updates of order statuses and driver positions

More information on the OptimoRoute API can be found here.

An authentication key is required for using OptimoRoute™ web service API. You can generate your client ID in the Administration→Settings→WS API section of the OptimoRoute™ application.