Customers looking to automate their processes and integrate OptimoRoute™ with other third party software can do this using our Web Service Application Programming Interface (API). The web service API can be used to integrate e-commerce platforms, accounting software, and other business software with OptimoRoute™ and automate tasks such as importing orders, starting the optimization and getting the information about planned routes from OptimoRoute™.

The following operations are supported:

  • Create Order
  • Delete Order
  • Delete all Orders
  • Get Routes – get all routes for a specific date
  • Get Scheduling Information – for a specific Order
  • Start Planning – for a specific date
  • Stop Planning – stop planning process
  • Get Planning Status – for a specific planning process
  • Get Mobile Events – for getting the events received from the mobile apps


View the Web Service API Specification


An authentication key is required for using OptimoRoute™ web service API. You can generate your client ID in the Administration-> Settings-> WS API section of OptimoRoute™ application.