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Fresh Food Distributor Thrives with OptimoRoute, Increasing Delivery Capacity by 20%

“Straight away we could fit the same amount of orders into 10 trucks instead of 12 trucks. But, we did not cut the number of drivers, we just increased the number of deliveries we could complete by 20%.”

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Waste Collection Service Finds the Features They Need to Get the Job Done

Waste collection operations have specific characteristics that must be taken into account when creating daily routes - and OptimoRoute has the City of Charlotte covered.

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UK-Based Pharmacy Scales Business by 25% and Reduces Planning From Days to Minutes

Using OptimoRoute, BioMed Care services were able to cut costs and effectively scale their business even with a 33% reduction in manpower. In terms of monthly savings, Sajid states that in total today they save as much as £3,000 just by using OptimoRoute.

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How Clarke Customer Care Built a Profitable Business Using OptimoRoute

After switching to OptimoRoute, Smedberg was able to plan and even re-plan the workforce in minutes. Rescheduled routes would then be sent to techs already in the field on their smartphones or through email using OptimoRoute’s driver app.

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Tomato Mountain Farm Quadruples Deliveries with OptimoRoute

Tomato Mountain is a farm based in Brooklyn, Wisconsin, that delivers local, sustainable produce right to customers’ doors. Using OptimoRoute, they quadrupled their customer base from 300 to 1,200 members in a matter of 30 days.

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Doody Calls Maximizes Capacity and Reduces Payroll Expenses with OptimoRoute

Since implementing OptimoRoute, the company uses numerous features to ensure each service exactly matches clients’ needs. Schedules match customer timing preferences - availability window, before a certain time, or after a certain time - all taken into consideration without sacrificing efficiency.

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OptimoRoute Opens up New Avenues of Revenue for CLEAResult

“With OptimoRoute we have a tool for the long term, it’s stable and will scale and grow with us.” About CLEAResult  CLEAResult is the largest provider of energy efficiency solutions in North America. It works with over 250 energy providers and other partners to change the way people use…

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Local Roots NYC Quadruples Delivery Fleet to Feed New Yorkers During COVID-19 Shutdowns

Prior to COVID-19, Local Roots NYC was predominantly an in-person business. They distributed farm-fresh produce, meats, and local culinary creations to New Yorkers hand-to-hand at cafes, restaurants, and offices around the city. When those pick-up points were suddenly shut down to comply…

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Brewery Introduces Same-Day Home Delivery to Tackle the COVID-19 Lockdown

The current COVID-19 lockdown of bars and restaurants is the biggest challenge this local brewer has ever had to face. Operations Manager Petar Nauković explains that to survive the crisis, the business had to reinvent itself and introduce a same-day home delivery service - fast.

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The Valentine’s Day Rush + OptimoRoute Is The Perfect Match 💖

The Little Posy Co. implemented OptimoRoute to replace its time-consuming manual planning process which produced inflexible routes and schedules. The software has become vital for managing high volume periods, like Valentine’s Day.

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