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Using OptimoRoute, Hardie’s Fresh Foods Reduces Mileage by 20% While Increasing Delivery Capacity by 14%

Hardie’s Fresh Foods is a major Texan distributor of produce and food products. Its 160 trucks make thousands of deliveries every day, all over the state. Competing in a fast-paced and low-margin industry, Hardie’s implemented OptimoRoute to reduce operational costs, increase capacity, and make planning and deliveries more efficient.

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Southern Star’s 3-Month Nationwide OptimoRoute Rollout Increases Capacity by 100%

Southern Star maintains almost 6,000 miles of gas pipeline with 250 technicians. Even when confronted with this complex operation OptimoRoute managed to roll out nationwide in 90 days, thanks to the software’s robust design. Planning efficiency improved, despite large order volumes and numerous scheduling constraints. With OptimoRoute, Southern Star can fit 100% more tasks into its schedules.

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By Partnering with OptimoRoute, Telgian Doubles in Volume While Reducing Planning Efforts by 82%

Telgian has a unique business model of servicing a wide geographic area, with fire safety inspectors on the road for a full week at a time, traveling across multiple states. By implementing OptimoRoute, planning is now 82% more efficient, and it takes 1 person an average of 8 days, which translated into a 66% reduction in manpower.

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2 Guys with Knives Maximizes Delivery Output with OptimoRoute

As the business flourished, the partners – Sergio Pereira and Patrick Carr – turned to OptimoRoute in order to economize their route planning methods, improve the quality of communication with their drivers, and enhance their customers’ overall satisfaction.

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