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Medical and Pharmacy Deliveries

Make your pharmacy deliveries as cost-effective as possible. Plan optimal routes in an instant. Fully scalable, to grow with your business.

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Scale your medical and pharmacy deliveries

Faster planning and efficient routes are key ingredients for building your business

Increase deliveries and reach 43% more customers

Increase deliveries and reach 43% more customers

Improve employee efficiency by optimizing staff schedules and reducing driving time.

Plan delivery routes and schedules in minutes

Plan delivery routes and schedules in minutes

Forget time-consuming manual planning and repetitive timesheets. Use in-house deliveries and reduce cost.

You can schedule changes within seconds

You can schedule changes within seconds

Eliminate stress and minimize planning efforts thanks to our fully automated process.

Plan in advance and get complete control of your schedule

Plan in advance and get complete control of your schedule

Plan 500 deliveries in less than 30 seconds with schedules up to 5 weeks at a time.

Why use OptimoRoute for routing and scheduling

Automate your home deliveries in minutes

  • Upload medical and pharmacy orders or create work schedules in a few clicks
  • Multiple formats supported, such as Excel spreadsheet or CSV
  • Minimal planning time lets you focus on scaling your business and customer satisfaction
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“It’s quick and simple to use – planning my deliveries never takes me more than 10 minutes from start to finish”
Frederick L. , Manager Evolution RX Pharmacy

Consider all vehicle & driver constraints

  • Include returns to depot for reloading or optimize your deliveries to minimize time wasted
  • Plan schedules with accurate and realistic arrival times and delight your customers
  • Simply add time window columns or notes to your spreadsheet
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“The app is easy to use for drivers. We can easily add stops even last minute and reroute! OptimoRoute gave us complete control of what we needed to complete the daily task!”
Erica F. , Operations Manager MedMinder

Plan your workload today for the next month

  • Scale your business by slotting jobs into days with light workloads
  • Schedule a backlog of tasks to be completed up to 5 weeks at a time
  • Create multi-day schedules with arrival times that match customer preferences
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Live Tracking and ETA

  • Take your workforce management to the next level and know where your crews are at any time
  • See what’s done, who’s on time, who’s behind and re-task a crew in minutes
  • Last-minute, rush orders easy to assign to cleaning crews in the field
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“I use the Live Tracking option to see how my guys are doing on their route and to get an idea when they will be back”
James Finch , Operations Manager, Chemstation for the Rockies

Document with Proof of Delivery

  • Capture digital signatures, photos & notes in the Mobile App
  • Record and upload delivery images or customer signatures in real-time
  • Use signature collection option to record deliveries of controlled medication
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Mobile app for drivers

  • Send routes directly to drivers’ smart phones
  • Orders, schedule, navigation in a single app (iPhone and Android)
  • Mid-route changes immediately on driver screens
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“We have been impressed by the system’s flexibility with access to a mobile application. It’s exceptionally stable and easy to use for our technicians.”
Monica B. , Operations Manager, Sanixa LLC

Give customer real-time delivery updates

  • Give customers live delivery arrival times, reduce time wasted on inbound inquiries
  • Customizable emails and text messages and integrated sending, with just a few clicks
  • An Uber-like tracking experience for improved customer satisfaction
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How to use OptimoRoute features for route optimization and scale your business

When your drivers have hundreds, if not thousands, of destinations or clients to visit, planning routes manually is a time-intensive and inefficient solution.


Independent pharmacy simplifies its free delivery service to maximise efficiency and cut cost

Read how Evolution RX used OptimoRoute to scale their business.


Read how Local Roots NYC scaled home deliveries by 20x

Using OptimoRoute, Local Roots NYC scaled home deliveries by 20x with only 4x more drivers in a month.

Frequently asked questions

What types of businesses does OptimoRoute support?

OptimoRoute is a cloud based field service solution that caters to a wide variety of services across many verticals. Its unique ability is that it can be tailored to any type of field service using our customizable data fields. You can include industry specific variables such as script delivery, medical requirements for patients, technician skill or vehicle size etc.

What do I need to set up OptimoRoute?

OptimoRoute is a web based service so you only need a web browser. There is no installation on your computer. Click here to learn how to get started.

How does OptimoRoute improve the customer experience?

By making deliveries faster and helping improve your delivery operations, your customers end up more satisfied with your overall service. Additionally, real-time orders, and back-end time tracking allow you to provide up-to-date estimates for customers, while managing your operations efficiently.

Reduce your operational costs by 30%
Increase delivery capacity by 43%
Plan 7x faster

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