An Independent Pharmacy Simplifies Its Free Delivery Service to Maximise Efficiency and Cut Costs

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Evolution Rx is an independently owned pharmacy in the greater metropolitan area of Houston, Texas. One of the services the pharmacy offers is free home delivery of prescription medication.

It uses OptimoRoute for optimized delivery routes that are extremely quick to plan, freeing up management’s valuable time to focus on their core business. Efficient routes mean that all delivery related costs are kept to an absolute minimum – which is crucial to the business, given that the delivery service is provided free of charge.

For Evolution Rx, giving customers a convenient and reliable delivery service has greatly improved overall customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. The business is confident that OptimoRoute is the permanent solution to their delivery planning needs, handling growth with ease.

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Minimal time spent planning routes for drivers

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Scalable planning tool that will grow with them

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More efficient routes and delivery times

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Cost-effective free delivery service that customers love

About Evolution Rx

The North American pharmacy market is extremely competitive – retail chains dominate, and online providers of medication are growing in popularity. Evolution Rx opened in 2016, and its management team immediately recognised that in a market where independent and community pharmacies often struggle to survive, providing exceptional customer service was essential for success. And that’s why Evolution Rx gives its customers the ultimate convenience – free home delivery of prescription medicine.

Houston, TX

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10,000 square miles

Area covered

600+ per month

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Quicker Planning Gives This Pharmacy the Edge It Needs in a Tough Market

Manually planning deliveries each day was too time consuming for the pharmacy’s manager, Frederick Lyons. It was also a complicated and frustrating process, so he decided to start looking into technology to give him the simple and speedy automated planning process that he needed.  

“We tested 4 route planning software products before making a decision. OptimoRoute was hands down the favorite.”

For Lyons, functionality and ease of use was an absolute priority. Other solutions that they tested were more difficult to use and required a lot more manual intervention. After a research period of a few months, in January of 2018 the pharmacy chose OptimoRoute. “It’s quick and simple to use – planning my deliveries never takes me more than 10 minutes from start to finish”.

Smoother Deliveries With The Driver Mobile Application

Evolution Rx couriers also preferred OptimoRoute over the other solutions tested, thanks to its mobile application. They use it for navigation, to refer to job details and customer contact details, and record the status of jobs – all via one easy to use application. Before using OptimoRoute, couriers would often need to call the pharmacy for customer information, or to update managers on the progress of their deliveries.

Now, drivers have all of the details they need at their fingertips, and driver and delivery information from the field is always up-to-date and accessible for management. 

“For a company that is brand new to in-house deliveries, OptimoRoute’s fast and easy route planning is an incredible tool.”

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A Permanent Planning Solution to Grow With the Business 

Planning delivery routes and schedules with OptimoRoute has made Evolution Rx’s free delivery service easy to manage and execute.

And, it’s a service that is incredibly efficient to run – since optimized routes keep costs under control. Lyons says that his business is getting everything it needs from OptimoRoute as a delivery planning tool.

“I give OptimoRoute 5/5 when it comes to value for money,” and he is confident that it is going to be a permanent solution that will easily adapt to the growth of his pharmacy and its free delivery service. During the time that they have been using OptimoRoute, Evolution Rx’s deliveries have doubled – but the planning process takes the same amount of time that it took on day one.

“Simply put, the software does exactly what you expect it to.”

“We opened Evolution Rx as a new take on what a modern pharmacy could be – if medicine can catch up to the twenty-first century, why can’t the patients’ experience with pharmacy?” concludes Lyons. For him, planning and managing orders with OptimoRoute perfectly compliments Evolution Rx’s mission of being a modern and customer-focused community pharmacy. 

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