Why use OptimoRoute™?

OptimoRoute™ provides you with the tools for business growth and making your customers happy by being on time. Save time and reduce planning efforts by using our automated route planner. With OptimoRoute™ you will be able to make more deliveries while accounting for delivery time windows and vehicle capacity limits.


  • Import deliveries from Excel, view them on the map and
    spot outliers
  • Divide your delivery area between your drivers
  • Deliver when your customers are home by setting delivery windows
  • Balance the number of deliveries per driver
  • Configure driver working times and lunch breaks
  • End routes for your drives at their home location
  • Consider vehicle characteristics like cargo refrigeration
  • Configure vehicle capacity limits like number of boxes,
    weight or volume
  • Send routes by email or export them to Excel, Garmin,
    Navigon or TomTom
  • Automate your processes and integrate other systems with OptimoRoute™ using our API