Country Growers Deliver Fresh Fruits & Vegetables With OptimoRoute

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Country Growers is an eco-friendly service with daily delivery of fresh fruits & vegetables to customers in New South Wales, Australia. This customer focused company operating two delivery vehicles was looking for a tool to keep up with increasing number of deliveries.

The biggest challenge was planning the deliveries while complying with the delivery time windows – specific times at which the customers can receive their goods.

Delivery routes are planned one day in advance. A list of deliveries that is to be delivered the next day, with addresses and time windows, is imported to OptimoRoute from MS Excel.

While building optimal routes, the automatic routing process takes into consideration various parameters like distances, travel times, driver work times and delivery time windows. It would not be possible to consider all these parameters during manual route planning.

The system automatically selects the best route for the drivers and prioritizes the delivery schedule by location, showing which stop should come first, second or third. This results in efficient routes that are saving time and fuel.

Planed routes are then exported as:

  • MS Excel tables with list of deliveries, addresses, and scheduled delivery times. These are printed and handed out to the drivers.
  • GPX files that are uploaded to Garmin GPS navigation devices that are used by the drivers.
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“An efficient delivery system is an integral part of our business success. Not only do our customers expect their orders on time, it is ever so important that we equip our drivers with the best tools to simplify the task at hand. OptimoRoute system has allowed us to achieve this.”

Sam Hamdan, in charge of logistics for Country Growers.

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“Our run sheets are exported from our website into the OptimoRoute system which then provides us with the best route for our drivers with consideration of our customers requested delivery times.”

“The support team at OptimoRoute were also very responsive to our initial queries about the program. We found them to be very supportive of our goals as they provided immediate feedback to our specific needs an requests.”

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