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2 Guys with Knives stepped into the arena of meal-kit delivery services in 2013, growing into one of Greater Vancouver’s leading specialty food delivery companies. As the business flourished, the partners – Sergio Pereira and Patrick Carr – turned to OptimoRoute in order to economize their route planning methods, improve the quality of communication with their drivers, and enhance their customers’ overall satisfaction.

The primary benefit for 2 Guys was that the company could now enhance its service capabilities and improve quality control while cutting its costs on distribution. Ultimately, this would help Pereira and Carr to focus on what they do best: preparing fresh meals that meet their customers’ nutrition goals without disappointing their taste buds.

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About 2 Guys With Knives

International interest in healthy eating has grown explosively over the last decade, and this growing market has become especially competitive in Vancouver.

Noticing this trend and responding to the need, renowned chef Sergio Pereira and fitness guru Patrick Carr have combined their talents in order to make healthy lifestyle choices an easy alternative to nutritionally “weak” habits. The duo formed a mobile meal delivery system that would accommodate the needs of new, more health-conscious customers.

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Searching for Efficiency in a Competitive Market 

Pereira & Carr recognized that in order to maintain a competitive advantage in this market as well as to keep their customers happy, they would have to resolve challenges within their logistics and delivery operations. Manually planning routes was not a sustainable long-term solution for the company, especially as the business’s popularity grew.

The standard method of delivery planning was not only time-consuming, but also didn’t account for missed deliveries and repeated orders to the same customers due to geocoding errors. Moreover, the “old method” couldn’t factor the heightened risk of late or even missed deliveries that would jeopardize the loyalty of existing customers. Nor could it ease the frustration for employees in dealing with real-time tracking, route changes, and unforeseen issues such as late cancellations or traffic problems.

2 Guys understood it would need an automated system that could speed up its route organization and help it be more responsive to customers’ expectations. This led the partners to seek OptimoRoute’s support.

“If you have a small business and have a fleet of 3-8 cars I would recommend you giving a try to this software to save you time and money in route planning and also improve customer and employee satisfaction with timely deliveries, accurate information and ease of use.”

Effortless Route Planning for Consistent Deliveries

Shortly after its introduction to the software, 2 Guys noted the ease and speed with which it could now upload and plan orders, thereby enabling it to save time and money on delivery routes. As well, the application of features such as Live Tracking has served a valuable purpose for the company, according to its Administrative Assistant, Henry Villarreal.

The primary benefit has been better insight into the drivers’ exact whereabouts at any given moment. Management can now accurately measure driver performance and punctuality of deliveries – all with the click of a mouse. Additionally, the use of OptimoRotue’s mobile app helped the company replan last-minute orders when necessary. This has dramatically increased efficiency in dealing with real-time issues.

“One of our favourite OptimoRoute features is that it can let our clients know the live tracking of our delivery team. Moreover, the assignation of routes is very efficient and logical.”

The Realtime Order Tracking feature gives 2 guys’ customers realistic ETA updates, meaning they now know precisely when to anticipate their orders. As Villarreal expressed, one of the key problems OptimoRoute has helped 2 Guys solve is “communication, communication and communication.”

The ability to confirm the when and where of scheduled deliveries has fostered more transparency within the company and allowed it to be proactive in ensuring customers get the timely service they’ve come to expect.

Furthermore, OptimoRoute’s Live ETA feature has helped 2 Guys offer added value to customers by letting them know when to expect their deliveries. Villarreal shared that “…[Live ETA] also improves customer and employee satisfaction with timely deliveries, accurate information and ease of use.

Saving Time and Serving Happy Customers

Villarreal went on to explain how the process of assigning orders to drivers had become more efficient and logical, stating that OptimoRoute’s algorithm “[will] save you time and money in route planning”. 

“Our clients love knowing the status of their deliveries. Having email tracking is a great feature for our company because it helps us let our clients know everything about their deliveries.”

2 Guys with Knives was driven by the desire to make healthy lifestyle choices readily available for Vancouverites. As the company expanded, its need for logistics solutions and advanced customer service practices became critical.

OptimoRoute’s support system and its straightforward implementation have helped 2 Guys be proactive about its customers’ needs. OptimoRoute has equipped 2 Guys with a competitive advantage that will help the company’s talented and dynamic team continue to grow its business.

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