Not all businesses operate from a single depot. Not all drivers need to start their day from the office, so why use routing and mapping software that forces you to have one beginning/end point?

OptimoRoute™ route optimization and routing software can be used to plan routes for multiple depots or to set up routes for drivers that start and end their routes from home.

Different Start/Stop Location? Not a Problem With Optimized Route Planning

With OptimoRoute™, you can make more efficient routes, regardless of where the driver is starting, picking up, or finishing their route. Even with multi-stop route planning, this can be done easily to find the best route possible.

How to Route Multiple Locations with OptimoRoute™

To change the start and end locations for your drivers, go to driver administration (Administration -> Drivers) and double click on a driver to edit his settings.


Once there, click the Start Location tab and/or End Location tab. There is a checkbox which says “Use depot as the Start Location” that can be unchecked, allowing you to enter any other address specifically for that driver. Similarly in the End Location tab, you are given a checkbox that is by default chosen, where the driver will end his route at the same location he started. To change it, simply uncheck the box, and enter in your new address.