Post & couriers

Delight customers with swift delivery times

Post and Courier services are under increasing pressure to get packages to the customer without delay. Thanks to OptimoRoute™ you can maximize the number of packages you can deliver in a day and improve customer service with shorter delivery time windows and accurate expected delivery times.

  • Consider delivery and pickup time windows that suit your customers
  • Be on time with accurate schedules
  • Prioritize orders so important customers get served first
  • Plan for each driver to have their lunch break at the optimal time to minimize service disruption
  • Balance workload among drivers based on hours or loads
  • Configure multiple start and end locations depending on the driver
  • Assign drivers to specific geographic territories
  • Considers vehicle capacities based on number of packages, weight or volume
  • Email route and schedule to each driver via smartphone
  • Enterprise customers with 100+ drivers can contact us for direct API access to the planning engine supporting all of the above plus: multi day planning and pickup & delivery where goods are picked up at one customer location and delivered to another without returning to the depot location