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You need the best route planner for reliable post and parcel deliveries. Organize your mail deliveries efficiently with automated routes and schedules.

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Deliver Post and Parcels Efficiently and on Time

Faster planning and efficient route scheduling are key features in building your business.

Reduce the time it takes to plan optimized routes by as much as 90%

Reduce the time it takes to plan optimized routes by as much as 90%

Just enter in your drop-off destinations and optimize. Go from planning to delivery in minutes.

Improve efficiency by more than 25% using the same workforce

Improve efficiency by more than 25% using the same workforce

Reduce unnecessary miles traveled or include pick-up and deliveries with the same courier.

Delight customers with Realtime Order Tracking and accurate delivery times

Delight customers with Realtime Order Tracking and accurate delivery times

Send real-time delivery updates directly to your customers phones with integrated text & email notifications.

Plan high volumes in seconds and have complete control of your schedule

Plan high volumes in seconds and have complete control of your schedule

Plan 1000s of courier routes in less than 30 seconds with schedules up to 5 weeks at a time and reduce operating costs.

Why Use OptimoRoute for Courier Deliveries

Automate your courier deliveries in minutes

  • Upload delivery and pick-up tasks in minutes
  • Multiple file formats supported, such as Excel, CSV or through an API
  • Minimal planning time lets you focus on distributing your packages according to available delivery crews
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“It’s the quickest and most simple to use software – planning my deliveries never takes me more than 10 minutes from start to finish.”
Frederick L. , Evolution Rx

Consider all vehicle & driver constraints

  • Account for all variables when picking the right vehicle such as number of boxes, volume, weight and many more
  • Include returns to depot for reloading or optimize your deliveries to minimize time wasted and create the most optimal route
  • Simply add employee work hours, lunch breaks and other workflow constraints
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“The interface makes sense a lot of sense for people on our team. It’s great that we are able to distribute orders based on truck size and driver skills.”
Ann S. , Canndescent

Realtime Order Tracking

  • Give customers real-time delivery information and accurate ETAs
  • Reduce time wasted on inbound customer inquiries regarding deliveries
  • Customizable emails and text messages and integrated sending, with just a few clicks
  • An Uber-like shipment tracking experience with a branded tracking page for improved customer satisfaction
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Record delivery of sensitive mail with Proof of Delivery

  • Capture digital signatures, photos & notes in the Mobile App
  • Increase security when dropping off sensitive post with customer signature collection
  • Digitized documentation makes record keeping seamless and resolves customer complaints
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Mobile App for drivers

  • Send routes directly to drivers’ smartphones
  • Drivers can navigate in their favorite navigation app (Waze, Google Maps, etc.)
  • Mid-route driving directions including travel time available on driver screens
  • Include relevant customer information for couriers such as phone number or gate code
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“We have been impressed by the system’s flexibility with access to a mobile application. It’s exceptionally stable and easy to use for our technicians.”
Monica B. , Sanixa LLC

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of businesses does OptimoRoute support?

OptimoRoute is a cloud-based route optimization software that caters to a wide variety of field services across many verticals. Its unique ability is down to a cutting-edge algorithm that can be tailored to any type of courier routing or post delivery business using our customizable data fields. Whether you are a small business or an enterprise with large vehicles, OptimoRoute is a perfect fit.

Conquering Courier Management

How does OptimoRoute improve the courier delivery experience?

Our delivery route planner enhances your delivery process by finding the optimal route, making deliveries faster and more user-friendly. With optimized routes, you can reduce fuel costs and improve overall customer satisfaction. Features like Realtime Order Tracking and Proof of Delivery enable you to provide up-to-date information to customers while efficiently managing your post or parcel delivery operations. You can also collect Customer Feedback to make sure your customers are being heard.

How do I keep up with increased demand?

OptimoRoute’s scheduling optimizer helps companies meet demand spikes. Businesses choose in-house delivery management software for control, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. They can seamlessly scale up their delivery fleet when needed.

Grow your business

What do I need to set up OptimoRoute?

OptimoRoute is a web-based software solution so you only need a web browser. There is no installation on your computer.

How to get started

Can I integrate any platform with OptimoRoute?

Yes, you can integrate OptimoRoute with most platforms using our Web Service API.

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What pricing models do you offer?

OptimoRoute provides three pricing models to suit your specific needs. Select from our Lite, Pro, or Custom models.


Reduce your operational costs by 30%
Increase delivery capacity by 43%
Plan 7x faster

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