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To provide a timely and reliable HVAC service, you need the best route planner & scheduling software. Increase your efficiency with automated routes and schedules.


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Schedule More Clients and Scale Your HVAC Company

Faster scheduling and efficient routes are essential to growing your service business.

Serve 20% more customers with the same workforce

Serve 20% more customers with the same workforce

Reach more customers, streamline operations, maximize billable hours with better scheduling and efficient route planning by your dispatchers.

Provide accurate arrival times and customer notifications

Provide accurate arrival times and customer notifications

Improve customer experience with realistic schedules and notifications sent to their mobile devices prior to your arrival.

Minimize driving time to clients and save on gas and mileage

Minimize driving time to clients and save on gas and mileage

Reduce the time your HVAC technicians spend on the road traveling and save on gas costs.

Scale profits by planning according to job priorities

Scale profits by planning according to job priorities

Minimize time spent traveling to locations and instead allow for last-minute jobs up to 5 weeks at a time.

HVAC Planning Software That Your Business Needs

Schedule the right technician for the right type of job

  • Account for specific technician skills or qualifications when assigning tasks
  • Optimize using the right vehicle with the right tools required
  • Set work times and optimal lunch breaks for each technician
  • Save on fuel and increase your workforce capacity by starting or ending routes from different locations
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“We have a number of different qualifications that each of the operators and technicians needs to have in order to perform this work, and it was a big deal that OptimoRoute could handle that.”
Brad C. , Southern Star

Live GPS Tracking and ETA

  • See how the day’s HVAC service appointments are progressing in real time
  • View your technicians locations with GPS tracking
  • Account for delays and inform customers in a timely manner
  • Dispatch last-minute jobs without hassle or disruption to existing schedules and routes
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“I can easily and quickly open the map to see who has what work left – and reroute some jobs to other crews.”
Randy G. , Gallagher Pools and Spas

Add Proof of Service to tasks

  • Capture digital signatures, photos and notes in the Mobile App
  • Eliminate paperwork and improve accuracy with digital documentation
  • Use Proof of Service as a final step for your field crews and resolve customer inquiries seamlessly
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Plan weekly schedules

  • Plan up to 5 weeks at a time and have full control of your job management
  • Manage contractual service obligations and regular appointments
  • Create efficient, multi-week schedules that respect all time, day and date restrictions
  • Easily slot in new jobs to make the most of flexible customer availabilities
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“There are route optimization programs out there that manage certain constraints, but there isn’t a constraint out there that we can’t manage with OptimoRoute, and that made all the difference in the world.”
Jeff S. , Telgian

Equip your team with a Mobile App

  • Send routes and schedules directly to a driver’s mobile device
  • Reduce location errors with orders, schedules and navigation in a single app (iOS and Android)
  • Mid-route changes immediately available on drivers’ screens
  • Easy-to-use app with low data consumption
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“The software and the Mobile App is simple and really effective. Our drivers have had no problems with using it. As our business had no optimization capability it has proven to be very valuable especially in these times when costs and efficiency are paramount.”
Tony R. , Fairfax Meadow Europe

How to Improve Your HVAC Service With Efficient Scheduling


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

We know that the HVAC industry is often seasonal so absolutely not, our pricing is completely flexible. Invoicing is monthly, and you can add and remove drivers at any time. You can also suspend or cancel your subscription at any time – without fees.

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I know my city like the back of my hand, why do I need OptimoRoute to plan my schedules and routes?

OptimoRoute’s HVAC scheduling software solution allows automated planning & dispatching processes that give you precious extra hours in the week to focus on your core business. The routes produced require much less driving so you can fit in more work orders and save fuel.

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Can I accommodate for weekly schedules?

Yes – OptimoRoute is a HVAC dispatch software that allows you to plan schedules up to 5 weeks at a time while respecting all the constraints of your workflow. This functionality enables HVAC professionals to see weekly availability of your field service technicians and allows you to easily accommodate customer requests.

Do you have arrival notification features for our customers?

Yes – our HVAC software comes with Realtime Order Tracking via email or text messages that makes it easy to keep your customers in the loop. Boost customer support by sending notifications ahead of time, and on the day of the service customers can access their installation appointment tracking link for live updates of their technician’s arrival time.

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Is there a limit of jobs I can plan for at once?

Depending on your plan, the limit is 250, 500 or 750+. This means you can import 250, 500 or 750+ jobs at once, as well as have that same number of jobs being taken into consideration for planning during your planning time frame.

What do I need to set up OptimoRoute?

OptimoRoute is a web-based service so you only need a web browser. There is no installation on your computer. 

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Reduce your operational costs by 30%
Increase delivery capacity by 43%
Plan 7x faster

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