Manually planning out a schedule for technicians and jobs with varying skills can be a hassle. Within a matter of seconds, you can not only assign each technician to the required appointment, you can plan out their entire route and daily schedule to maximize efficiency. Set constraints that guarantees each employee gets lunch without interrupting service as a whole.

  • Assign each technician with a skill and assign those skills to the necessary job
  • Prioritize to schedule high priority jobs first
  • Set work times and optimal lunch breaks for each individual for each technician
  • Simplify HVAC dispatching
  • Minimize driving time and save on gas/mileage
  • Balance work hours among technicians
  • Meet scheduled time frames for arrival/service
  • Configure start and end locations for each technician
  • Import orders via Excel or CSV files
  • Send schedules to your technicians via email

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