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Scheduling for your sales reps by hand is time-consuming and complicated. Meet all your field sales needs with the right software. Optimize schedules automatically and focus on growing your business.


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Optimize Your Field Sales Schedule

Faster scheduling and efficient field sales routing are essential to growing your business.

Visit 50% more customers with the same team

Visit 50% more customers with the same team

Reach more customers and maximize conversions with your existing field staff thanks to improved sales route planning.

Save more than 30% of driving time and gas money daily

Save more than 30% of driving time and gas money daily

Reduce unnecessary time your staff spends on the road and save on gas costs.

Reduce planning time by 82% and grow your business

Reduce planning time by 82% and grow your business

Minimize planning efforts while maximizing the number of appointments scheduled each day.

Get started in a matter of minutes

Get started in a matter of minutes

Our skilled route optimization experts are ready to talk you through your setup questions.

Why Use OptimoRoute for Field Sales Planning

Achieve sales optimization

  • Visit more clients, while maintaining a simpler planning process
  • Schedule efficient routes in seconds, accounting for customer time preferences, start and end locations, and more
  • Fit in last-minute appointments for VIP customers seamlessly with Dynamic Planning
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“I am able to quickly and efficiently route dozens of work locations for the day. I can specify a time window for individual stops if I want to. I can start and stop at the same location, different locations, whatever I need to do. I spend far less time route planning now than before I used Optimoroute.”
Glenn R. , Ryerson Enterprises

Get routes perfectly suited to field sales

  • Create overnight routes for interstate, multi-day sales routes
  • Respect limits on working hours and overtime work
  • Assign geographical service areas to specific reps
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“We have a number of different qualifications that each of the operators and technicians needs to have in order to perform this work, and it was a big deal that OptimoRoute could handle that.”
Brad C. , Southern Star

Support your team’s performance

  • See how the day’s appointments are progressing in real-time
  • Account for breaks and balance workloads among all staff
  • Processing last-minute or canceled appointments is hassle-free, to keep your team on the move
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“This software has enabled our business to be 2X more efficient! It’s great that we can track and analyze the data over time, and has been an incredible tool.”
Claire M. , Tomato Mountain Farm

Provide accurate ETAs and Live GPS

  • Respect clients’ time by giving them live ETAs
  • Meet targets with accurate and realistic schedules
  • Send email and text message notifications
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“Communication communication and communication. Our clients
love knowing the status of their deliveries.”
Henry V. , 2 Guys with Knives

Plan weekly schedules for your team

  • Schedule up to 5 weeks at a time
  • Restrict visits to a specific date or range
  • Respect employee and client availability
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“There are route optimization programs out there that manage certain constraints, but there isn’t a constraint out there that we can’t manage with OptimoRoute, and that made all the difference in the world.”
Jeff S. , Telgian

Equip your team with our Mobile App

  • Send routes and schedules directly to mobile devices
  • Reduce location errors with orders, schedules and navigation in a single app (iOS and Android)
  • Mid-route changes appear immediately on screens
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“The mobile phone app is so simple, yet elegant in its design it boggles my mind. No heavy features to get in the way, just simple functionality.”
Mark B. , On the Surface Flooring

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is OptimoRoute a good fit for my field sales operation?

OptimoRoute is a mobile workforce management software designed for businesses with a team of field sales representatives. It specializes in route planning and scheduling to simplify field sales route optimization. By leveraging OptimoRoute, you can maximize the number of client visits through efficient routes. Additionally, OptimoRoute enhances customer satisfaction by providing automatic real-time updates on arrival times and offering features like Proof of Delivery and Customer Feedback.

Case studies

What do I need to set up OptimoRoute?

OptimoRoute is a web-based software solution so you only need a web browser. There is no installation on your computer. 

How to get started

Is there a limit of appointments I can plan at once?

Depending on your plan, the limit is 700, 1000, or more. This means that you can import 700, 1000 or thousands of appointments at once, as well as have that same number of appointments being taken into consideration for planning during your planning timeframe.


Reduce your operational costs by 30%
Increase delivery capacity by 43%
Plan 7x faster

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