Here’s to New Possibilities in the New Year

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The last two years have been a whirlwind for all of us business owners. Many of you have scaled up, others have scaled down, added delivery services for the first time, or completely shifted the focus of your business to meet the needs of a super dynamic market. 

Whatever your specific situation, the stories about your creativity and problem-solving in action continue to impress us, and we appreciate the opportunity to put our software to work for your continued success. 

As you look to the New Year, check out our latest feature improvements. They’re available now and were designed to help you plan faster and deliver reliable, stand-out service for your customers in 2022. Here’s to the possibilities! 

Refreshed look and feel for faster planning

We’re always looking for ways to help make route planning more efficient for you. That focus inspired OptimoRoute’s new look. This refreshed design helps us support a faster, sleeker planning experience for you. 

Don’t worry – OptimoRoute may look different, but none of the planning features or buttons you use today have been moved.  

Service that stands out

Meeting customer expectations is hard. Yet, providing stand-out service is one of the most lasting ways to build your reputation and grow your business.

That’s why OptimoRoute just made it simpler for you to deliver reliable, stand-out service. 

First, our new Customer Feedback surveys offer a seamless way to collect feedback from your customers. 

With Customer Feedback surveys you can get the information you need, celebrate moments of great service wins, be responsive if issues arise, and keep improving your customers’ overall experience. 

We’ve also added some new account options that help you create a more polished, professional experience for your customers. 

These include Branded Order Tracking Emails, which send order tracking information to customers from your business email address (rather than OptimoRoute’s default email address). With Branded Order Tracking Emails, you are also able to receive responses from customers directly. 

Finally, we’re focused on helping you send more polished text messages to customers. Soon you will be able to track message character counts, preview messages before sending and closely track your SMS budget. In addition, you can also decide to identify your driver by showing their licence plate number on the Realtime Order Tracking page or provide their phone number too.

By delivering reliable, professional, and personal service, your business can stand out, earn trust, and develop valuable relationships with customers. Building a loyal base of customers willing to work with you again, try your new services, or recommend your company to others is a surefire way to grow a business sustainably.

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