Planning Flower Deliveries

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While it is possible to manually plan flower deliveries, things can be more efficient if you use OptimoRoute, our savvy program for creating delivery routes with multiple delivery locations.

Route planning can help you deliver the right flowers to the right customers at the agreed time. It can help you reduce the mileage and time spent on the road.

The Downside of Doing It by Hand

Without route planning it’s easy to miss a delivery location – resulting in backtracking, doing extra miles, losing time and unhappy customers. If your delivery driver is on a tight schedule, he probably loads the flowers, takes a moment to organize his orders by eyeballing the addresses and mentally organizing the route before hitting the road.

Unfortunately this leads to missed addresses, a lot of backtracking and going in back and forth instead of following the best route possible. You are unnecessary spending money on:

  • gas for the extra miles
  • maintenance costs for the extra miles
  • extra work hours – if the driver is an employee

On top of all this, you have unhappy customers because the deliveries are running late.

Make the Best Delivery Plans With OptimoRoute

It’s easy to change this by planning the deliveries with OptimoRoute. It takes only a few seconds to import the data and Optimo Route will do the rest. It will automatically create the best route for your driver and prioritize your delivery locations showing which stop comes first, second or third – taking in account the distances, travel durations and delivery time windows for each order.

With our Getting Started Guide you can make the best delivery plans today, so Sign Up for Free Trial and try OptimoRoute yourself!

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