6 HVAC Management Software Options for Business Optimization

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The right HVAC software enables you to increase profits and simplify your workload. According to SaasList, the average employee saves 498 hours per year due to these types of programs. However, before choosing new software, you need to understand your problem, the current state of the market, and the state of your business. Otherwise, you could find yourself paying for something that does too much—or not the right thing at all.

Think about what problems you have and what features might solve them. For example, many businesses in the HVAC industry see issues with payroll, invoicing, budgeting, routing and scheduling, contract management, and emergency service requests when growing or scaling. In some cases, an all-in-one option could do the trick. In others, a targeted HVAC management program might be the best option for your business.

Choosing the right HVAC management software based on the problem and your budget solves growing pain problems and enables your business to increase profits. Consider these six options, broken down by cost-effective problem-solvers and all-in-one packages.

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3 HVAC Field Service Management Software Options for Cost-Effective Problem-Solving

Solve the main problem your HVAC business faces while remaining cost-effective via these three targeted software solutions.

1) Plan HVAC Services with OptimoRoute

OptimoRoute HVAC management software

OptimoRoute solves everything related to routing and dispatching including one major feature HVAC companies love—forward planning and scheduling. This feature enables project managers and dispatchers to plan non-essential work up to five weeks ahead of time while leaving space for last-minute jobs.

Your technicians’ days are as efficient as possible, which enables them to handle more jobs and increase revenue for the company. Combine route planning, scheduling, and delivery tracking with GPS tracking so you and your customer can see real-time information on exactly when and where your service technician or HVAC part is at any given point.

OptimoRoute is an all-in-one HVAC software for service businesses; however, the OptimoRoute API also integrates with many other software solutions. Start a free trial and see why OptimoRoute is an affordable and scalable solution for your business.

2) Streamline your commercial HVAC business management with Knowify

Knowify contract management software

Marketed as “a better way to run your contracting business,” Knowify is a contract management software. Knowify enables you to create bids, submit RFIs, manage HVAC contractors and subcontractors, and even create Gantt charts. Unlike many options created with residential jobs in mind, Knowify was designed for HVAC businesses serving the commercial sector.

Knowify is close to an all-in-one solution; however, a few vital features like accounting and payroll are missing. Yet, these features can generally be found as trusted integrations through options such as QuickBooks, Square, and Zapier. Pricing for Knowify is based on features needed and keys (individual subscriptions) required.

3) Manage your books with Sage

Sage 100 Contractor

Many in the construction industry have likely heard of Sage but might not have thought they could use as due to the cost of its larger programs. However, HVAC businesses looking for HVAC management software could use Sage 100 Contractor, as it has all the power of Sage without the cost larger firms might pay. Sage 100 Contractor features the ability to handle accounting, project management, estimating, and service management on one easy-to-use platform.

While prices must be obtained by contacting sales, reviews indicate that the program is customizable, cost-effective, and easy to implement. Other options for larger HVAC business owners needing more functionality include buying add-ons or upgrading to Sage Intacct Construction and Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate.

3 Full-Suite HVAC Service Software Solutions for an All-in-One Approach

Achieve further reductions in operations costs and increase profitability with these three all-in-one HVAC software solutions for your rapidly growing HVAC businesses.

1) Use the power of cloud computing with Archdesk

Archdesk construction management software

Archdesk is an all-in-one cloud-based software designed to mirror your business processes. The features encapsulate the entire job process from potential inquiry to last invoice. Use Archdesk for estimating, contract management, budgeting, labor management, and even team collaboration without downloading a program or mobile app.

As cloud-based software, it can be accessed from any device at any time without the worry of software updates. This means every person on your team, from field technicians to those working from home or in the office, can see what they need to for each job. In addition, they offer live HVAC training webinars, in-person training, customer support, and extensive documentation to get you started fast.

Pricing for Archdesk can be obtained by requesting a free demo, though reviews online do indicate that it is priced fair for the features you receive. They also have software options and features for general contractors, civil engineers, developers, and fabricators in addition to their subcontractor-focused package.

2) Integrate all your operations with Sawin Service Automation

Sawin Service Automation

Sawin Service Automation
is a powerful cloud-based tool that enables HVAC professionals to integrate all of their operations into one customizable program. Like Archdesk, this program is cloud-based, so it can work on any computer, tablet, or phone, whether apple or android. However, a few features set Sawin apart, like a full a CRM for customer management, asset management tools, and build-in accounting software.

Sawin Basic is their cloud-based platform that features a thirty-day free trial and is ideal for businesses with existing accounting software like HVAC service companies. However, they also offer Sawin Pro Enterprise, a self-hosted program that has everything Sawin can offer in one customizable package. Prices for both can be obtained by booking a demo.

3) Automate work orders and dispatching with Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro

Open up more time on everyone’s schedules with smart automation via Housecall Pro. This software was designed specifically for service industry businesses. Housecall Pro simplifies your team’s workflow by automating scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, and payment collection tasks.

They tout their ability to enable you to win more jobs and increase revenue with dozens of marketing, scheduling, dispatching, money management, and customer service features. Housecall Pro’s pricing is based on the access keys and features as needed by your business.

Enhance Your Savings with OptimoRoute

The best way to increase revenue and drive profits is to understand your problem and budget. All-in-one software is important and can serve as a major advantage in streamlining your organization. However, OptimoRoute provides instant time saving and cost reduction with optimal route planning and scheduling. Giving your drivers the most efficient route possible is essential to an HVAC business, whether just starting up or scaling rapidly.

Use OptimoRoute free for 30 days to see how it could save you time and increase your profits!

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