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OptimoRoute’s route optimization software takes waste collection route planning and scheduling to the next level. Factor in all workflow constraints. Improve your operational efficiency. We’ll help you solve all your garbage collection vehicle routing problems.

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The Most Efficient Waste Collection Route Planning Software

Faster planning and efficient routes are essential for scaling your sanitation business.

Increase pickup efficiency by 40%

Increase pickup efficiency by 40%

Reduce driving times with efficient routes while factoring in complex or high-density workflow constraints.

Save 30% of your time and money every day

Save 30% of your time and money every day

Optimal routes and smarter driver or vehicle assignments will save you time and gas.

7x faster planning and seamless integration with your existing systems

7x faster planning and seamless integration with your existing systems

Eliminate stress and minimize planning efforts thanks to our fully automated process.

Provide better service

Provide better service

Exceed customer expectations with realistic schedules and accurate garbage collection times.

How Waste Collection Route Planning Works

Get started in minutes

  • Import lists of pickups from Excel or your online ordering system, then geolocate them on a map and spot outliers.
  • Set priorities, time windows, business hours, and service areas.
  • Create plans that factor in driver skills, working times, and lunch breaks.
  • Configure vehicle specifics to make sure orders end up on the right truck without overloading.
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“We were drawn to it because of the ability to assign ‘skills’ to drivers. This allowed us to split up our fleet according to their specialty.”
Matt F. , Business Systems Specialist, City of Charlotte

Plan efficient routes

  • Plan thousands of pickups instantly to improve your waste collection operations.
  • Create routes that avoid U-turns or crossing the street.
  • Plan offload stops to disposal sites.
  • Balance workloads between drivers.
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“We initially had an issue that we needed solved with the same side of street service and no U-turns. OptimoRoute was able to add this functionality pretty quickly so that we could see it in action before making a full buying decision.”
Matt F. , Business Systems Specialist, City of Charlotte

Live Track your waste collection and manage their ETAs

  • See where your drivers are in real time.
  • Know what’s been done, who’s on time, and who’s behind with our real-time data.
  • Skip last-minute scheduling problems because rush orders are easy to assign.
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“I use the Live Tracking option to see how my guys are doing on their route and to get an idea when they will be back.”
James F. , Operations Manager, Chemstation for the Rockies

Add Proof of Service to tasks

  • Workers can take photos upon service completion.
  • Upload photos on-site and record what was done or what needs more work on your next visit.
  • Collect signatures that show customers were satisfied.
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Mobile App for drivers

  • Send schedules and routes to technicians’ mobile devices (iOS and Android apps).
  • Reduce errors with tasks, job statuses, schedules, and navigation located in our Mobile App.
  • Drivers see mid-route changes immediately on their screens.
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“We have been impressed by the system’s flexibility with access to a mobile application. It’s exceptionally stable and easy to use for our technicians.”
Monica B. , Operations Manager, Sanixa LLC

Weekly collection planning

  • Scale your business by slotting jobs into days with light workloads.
  • Schedule a backlog of pickups up to five weeks at a time.
  • Create multi-day schedules with pickup times that match customer requirements.
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How to Improve Your Waste Collection Service With Smarter Routes


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2. Import your tasks and drivers and plan their routes

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3. Read how Doody Calls maximizes capacity and reduces payroll expenses with OptimoRoute

Since implementing OptimoRoute, the company uses numerous features to ensure each service exactly matches clients’ needs. Schedules match customer timing preferences—availability window and before or after a certain time are all taken into consideration without sacrificing efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is OptimoRoute a good fit for my waste collection business?

OptimoRoute is a waste management routing software designed for waste collection companies of all sizes, ranging from small to large. Whether you operate a single garbage truck or a fleet of 100, and whether you specialize in liquid waste collection, solid waste collection, or recyclables, OptimoRoute can bring about immediate improvements in efficiency and cost savings for your operations. With our solution, we are committed to solving any waste collection routing challenge you may encounter. We also account for hazardous material road restrictions when planning and optimizing routes.

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What do I need to set up OptimoRoute?

OptimoRoute is a web-based SaaS delivery solution, which means you only need a web browser to access it. There is no need for any installation on your computer. Drivers can receive routes by email, GPS, spreadsheet, or by using our Driver App, available on Android and iOS devices. Click here to learn more about getting started.


Does OptimoRoute support different workflow constraints particular to waste collection routes?

OptimoRoute caters to the specific needs of waste management businesses, offering support for various constraints. This includes customizable location business hours, vehicle types (refuse and oil collection trucks), vehicle capacities (weight and volume), haulers’ working hours and breaks, U-turn avoidance, street crossing limitations, hazardous material road restrictions, and more.

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Plan 7x faster

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