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Improved Pest Control Businesses

Maximizes billable hours and jobs performed. Ensure the right field technician and equipment are assigned to each job. Have full visibility into your field operations.

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How OptimoRoute can optimize your pest control services

The fastest optimization software on the market

Pest control software solution that increases efficiency by 43%

Pest control software solution that increases efficiency by 43%

Increase the number of house calls your pest control company services daily by reducing driving time to and from clients.

Arrive precisely on time and boost customer satisfaction

Arrive precisely on time and boost customer satisfaction

Create schedules around appointment windows that clients ask for and set work order priorities in minutes. A one-stop tool for customer management.

Easy to use pest control software that allows 7x Faster planning

Easy to use pest control software that allows 7x Faster planning

Eliminate planning stress and dispatching efforts thanks to our fully automated online process.

Increase productivity through employee satisfaction

Increase productivity through employee satisfaction

Balance workload between pest management experts’ daily breaks so that the service can continue uninterrupted.

How to get started with OptimoRoute

Service more calls by minimizing driving time

  • Configure working times and lunch breaks for your technicians
  • Set job assignments for technicians based on skills and service areas
  • Schedule orders for up to 5 weeks at a time for non-urgent jobs
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“Routing jobs was pricey and a logistical nightmare. We brought this software in 2 years ago and had the first year ever with a 98% on time completion rate! The old system took ages to route.”
Megan D. , Office Manager, Greenleaf Landcare

Live Track your field service team and manage their ETAs

  • Oversee your field operations in real-time with exact locations of your technicians
  • Dynamic replanning to easily slot in rush orders and reassign work if there are delays
  • Share updated plans with drivers to a mobile app or email instantly
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I need to route two different work crews all over northern Illinois, usually 150+ miles per crew per day. In the past each crew chief would use a Garmin GPS to manually route up to 15 service visits per day but since using optimoroute we have increased work time and decreased travel time plus saved 15% yearly on fuel costs per crew truck.
Jonathan S. , Owner J&S Landscape

Drive customer satisfaction through real-time order tracking

  • Integrated and customizable platform for sending email and text message notifications
  • Increase customer satisfaction with live gps tracking of their technician
  • Minimize the amount of inbound customer inquiries by 70% with exact arrival times
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Optimo is a snap! The driver app lets us stay on top of customer service and now clients can track their own delivery! It’s brilliant!
Megan D. , Office Manager Greenleaf Landcare

Plan your workload today for the next month

  • Scale your business by slotting pest extermination jobs, multi-day work or highly skilled technicians into days with light workloads
  • Schedule a backlog of tasks to be completed up to 5 weeks in advance
  • Create multi-day schedules with arrival times that match customer preferences
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“I can easily import a set of orders or stops in my case. OptimoRoute allows me to pre-assign the ‘orders’ to drivers and do it quickly. Based on my knowledge of the route, I can also fine-tune the optimized route.”
Pablo Sanchez , Caretaker Hills and Lakes

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Gallagher Pools and Spas implemented OptimoRoute’s planning and scheduling software to make its planning process simpler and more efficient, and better manage its workload – especially in the busy high season.

Frequently asked questions

How can OptimoRoute help my pest control or landscaping business?

OptimoRoute is a cloud-based field service management software that caters to a wide variety of service businesses across many verticals. OptimoRoute allows for a more precise and organized route and schedule planning, allowing you to more efficiently service clients while also considering technician skills and appointment time windows. It also calculates the best time to schedule employees’ daily breaks so that the service can continue uninterrupted.

Case studies

What do I need to use it?

OptimoRoute is a web based service so you only need a web browser. There is no installation on your computer. Schedule a demo with one of our optimization consultants to get started in no time.

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Can I schedule tasks in advance?

Yes, OptimoRoute allows you to schedule tasks up to 5 weeks in advance giving you more options and flexibility to scale your business. Plan recurring jobs in advance and have the flexibility to schedule last minute jobs.

Reduce your operational costs by 30%
Increase delivery capacity by 43%
Plan 7x faster

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