Route Planning and Scheduling Software for Installation and Maintenance Businesses

Grow your installation and maintenance business with OptimoRoute. With our software solution, you’ll reduce your job scheduling and route planning time from hours to seconds, save time and money with efficient routes, provide a better customer experience with live tracking and ETA features, and ensure the right technician and equipment are assigned to the right job every time. It’s time to minimize operational costs and boost your profits.

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Efficient Scheduling and Route Planning for Your Technicians

Faster planning and efficient routes for your field workers save you time and money to help your business grow.

Serve 50% more customers with the same workforce

Serve 50% more customers with the same workforce

Increase the productivity of your service technicians by reducing driving time.

Save more than 30% of your time and money every day

Save more than 30% of your time and money every day

Optimal routes and smarter schedules will save you time and gas, and you can invest those savings into growing your business.

Reduce time spent on schedule planning by 82%

Reduce time spent on schedule planning by 82%

By simply entering your requirements, OptimoRoute will plan the schedule for your technicians to cover more work orders in less time.

Get started in a matter of minutes

Get started in a matter of minutes

Our skilled route optimization experts are available to help 24/7.

How Planning Routes and Schedules Work

Add your customer orders

  • Upload work orders as an Excel or CSV or integrate with existing systems.
  • Include multiple workflow parameters like service time windows, task durations, technician’s skills, and much more.
  • Plan efficient multi-stop routes instantly with dynamic replanning to easily add mid-day orders.
  • Configure start and end locations for your technicians.
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“It used to take three people more than two weeks to plan routes for the whole country. Now, we have 70% more orders per month, and just one person does all of our planning in about one week. We’ve gone from 312 man-hours of planning to 56 man-hours. It’s translated to annual savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars in salaries.”
Jeff S. , Support Services Manager, Telgian

Efficiently manage your technicians

  • Define limits on working hours, overtime work, and breaks.
  • Assign technicians based on field service areas.
  • Balance workloads among field technicians.
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“We have a number of different qualifications that each of the operators and technicians needs to have in order to perform this work, and it was a big deal that OptimoRoute could handle that.”
Brad C. , Planning and Scheduling Leader, Southern Star

Track performance in real time

  • Shows the dispatching team where your technicians are at any time.
  • See in real time what is finished, who is behind, and what still needs to be completed.
  • Re-plan for last-minute or canceled jobs without hassle and no disruption to the existing routes.
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“I can easily and quickly open the map to see who has what work left – and reroute some jobs to other crews. The benefits are threefold: it’s a big cost-saver because of overtime, it saves employees’ time, and makes sure that all of the orders for the day are getting completed.”
Randy G. , Owner, Gallagher Pools and Spas

Give customers real-time service updates

  • Manage customer expectations by giving them an arrival time window or the scheduled arrival time.
  • Minimize the number of inbound customer inquiries to your office staff about technician arrival times.
  • Meet SLAs with realistic schedules and accurate arrival times.
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“Communication communication and communication. Our clients love knowing the status of their deliveries.”
Henry V. , Administrative Assistant, 2 Guys with Knives

Add Proof of Service to tasks

  • Service technicians can take photos upon service completion.
  • Upload photos on-site and record what was done or what needs to be completed on your next visit.
  • Collect signatures once service requests are completed that show customers were satisfied.
  • Digitized documentation makes record keeping seamless and resolves customer complaints or inquiries.
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Improve your technician scheduling

  • Schedule jobs up to five weeks in advance optimized based on all the criteria specific to your workflow.
  • Restrict tasks to a specific date or date range.
  • Respect the availability of your field workforce.
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“There are route optimization programs out there that manage certain constraints, but there isn’t a constraint out there that we can’t manage with OptimoRoute, and that made all the difference in the world.”
Jeff S. , Support Services Manager, Telgian

Provide task lists and navigation via Mobile App

  • Send schedules and routes to technicians’ mobile devices (iOS and Android apps).
  • Reduce errors with tasks, job statuses, schedules, and navigation located in our Mobile App.
  • Drivers see mid-route changes immediately on their screens.
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“The mobile phone app is so simple, yet elegant in its design it boggles my mind. No heavy features to get in the way, just simple functionality. GPS tracking in real-time is also quite accurate. The fact I can just push a route to my mobile from the Web service is outstanding.”
Mark B. , Delivery Driver, On the Surface Flooring

How to Improve Your Installation and Maintenance Service With Smarter Routes


1. Sign up for a 30-day free trial

Our optimization consultant will be in touch immediately.


2. Import your tasks and drivers and plan their routes

Everything you need to help you get started.


3. Read how Telgian doubled in volume while reducing planning efforts by 82%

By implementing OptimoRoute, planning is now 82% more efficient, and it takes one person an average of eight days, which translated into a 66% reduction in manpower.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is OptimoRoute a good fit for my installation & maintenance business?

OptimoRoute is versatile field service management software that caters to various industries including flooring, roofing, HVAC, swimming pool, security system companies, electric utilities, fire safety companies, and retail installations. With features like Weekly Planning and Multi-day Long-haul, it offers flexibility and additional constraints for efficient route planning. Weekly Planning allows maintenance companies to efficiently plan maintenance by deadlines, while easily fitting in emergencies. Multi-day Long-haul allows companies to plan out routes that last several days, covering a large territory. Field service companies can save significant planning time, scale with existing staff, and seamlessly handle maintenance and emergency tasks.

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What do I need to set up OptimoRoute?

OptimoRoute is a web-based field service software, eliminating the need for installation on your computer. All you need is a web browser to access the platform. To get started quickly, you can schedule a demo with one of our optimization consultants by clicking here. They will guide you through the process and help you make the most of our software.

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Is there a limit on the number of orders I can plan at once?

Depending on your plan, the limit is 700, 1000, or more. This means that you can import 700, 1000 or thousands of orders at once, as well as have that same number of orders being taken into consideration for planning during your planning timeframe.


Reduce your operational costs by 30%
Increase delivery capacity by 43%
Plan 7x faster

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