Route & Schedule Optimization Software for Your Cleaning Workforce

Smart job management and efficient planning of your cleaning crews. Optimize your schedules for maximum efficiency, automate routing, and reduce time spent traveling to the next location. 

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Clean More Locations in Less Time

The fastest optimization software on the market for cleaning businesses.

Maximize field crew utilization and clean up to 43% more

Maximize field crew utilization and clean up to 43% more

Improve the efficiency of your cleaning crews by reducing dispatch and driving time to jobs.

From signup to cleaning locations in just 48 hours

From signup to cleaning locations in just 48 hours

Regardless of your skill set our scheduling software is ideal for streamlining your cleaning services.

Fully customizable features and responsive user interface

Fully customizable features and responsive user interface

Cleaning business software equally suitable for small or large companies that will easily adapt as your business scales.

Always deliver an exceptional cleaning service

Always deliver an exceptional cleaning service

Exceed customer expectations with realistic schedules and accurate arrival times.

Why OptimoRoute Excels at Scheduling Cleaning Services

Optimize for specific job constraints

  • Enter locations in a spreadsheet and OptimoRoute will do the rest
  • Set job priority, client availability times or strict service time windows
  • Maximize efficiency by assigning work orders to specific technicians or by skills required
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“We transport chemicals and I wanted to have the option to note down which chemicals we transport in what truck. We didn’t have a great way to do this, now we do!”
James F. , Chemstation for the Rockies

Plan efficiently and do more

  • Efficient all-in-one multi-stop route planning and dispatching to improve operations
  • Include multiple return trips for restocking when you need supplies
  • Fully support techs starting or leaving from their homes or other locations
  • Dynamic Replanning to easily slide mid-day tasks into workflow
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“It used to take three people more than two weeks to plan routes for the whole country. Now, we have 70% more orders per month, and just one person does all of our planning in about one week.”
Jeff S. , Telgian

Live GPS Tracking and ETA

  • Know where your cleaning crews are at any time
  • See what’s done, who’s on time, who’s behind and re-task a crew
  • Last-minute, rush orders easy to assign to cleaning crews in the field
  • Give customers location updates and notifications on arrival times
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“We have been impressed by the system’s flexibility with access to a mobile application. It’s exceptionally stable and easy to use for our technicians.”
Monica B. , Sanixa LLC

Improve accountability with Proof of Service

  • Cleaning technicians can take photos upon service completion
  • Upload photos and record what was done or needs to be continued when you next visit
  • Use Proof of Service as a final step for your cleaning crews and resolve customer inquiries seamlessly
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Mobile App for drivers

  • Send routes directly to drivers’ mobile devices including turn-by-turn navigation
  • Orders, schedule, navigation and customer information in a single mobile app (iPhone and Android)
  • Mid-route changes immediately seen in the app
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“Before OptimoRoute, we had designated drivers for specific postcodes. Now we are able to combine pickups and drop-offs within the same route for that same driver!”
Sajid K. , BioMed Care Services

Plan your workload in advance

  • Scale your business by slotting jobs into days with light workloads
  • Schedule a backlog of tasks to be completed up to 5 weeks at a time
  • Create multi-day schedules with arrival times that match customer preferences
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“I love how easy it is to use. Saves me time every week working out our delivery runs. Being a home delivery business the OptimoRoute software makes weekly delivery scheduling easy and fast.”
Vanessa C. , SA Organics

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This parking lot sweeping business credits using OptimoRoute to continuously maintain more than 20 parking lots across 4 major cities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of businesses does OptimoRoute support?

OptimoRoute is a cloud-based service management software that’s perfect for the cleaning industry. We excel at route optimization and cater to a wide variety of field services, including organizing scheduling for cleaning jobs in every way required. By leveraging OptimoRoute, you can effortlessly run a successful cleaning company, minimizing the hassles associated with operations.

Why is OptimoRoute ahead of the game?

OptimoRoute’s unparalleled capability to deliver optimal solutions for businesses stems from our advanced algorithm. This cutting-edge technology automates and optimizes routes and schedules, resulting in enhanced efficiency and increased profitability. Whether you run a small cleaning crew or a large commercial cleaning company, our software is tailored to meet your needs effectively.

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What pricing models do you offer?

OptimoRoute provides three pricing models to suit your specific needs. Select from our Lite, Pro, or Custom models.


Does OptimoRoute support time tracking for maid services?

Our appointment scheduling software offers a clear display of individual task completion status. Additionally, it enables you to set time constraints, allowing you to track punctuality and identify any delays. With our analytics tool, you gain precise metrics on your team’s performance, empowering you to make continuous improvements.

What do I need to set up OptimoRoute?

OptimoRoute is a web-based software solution, which means that you can access it using a web browser. There is no need to install any software on your computer.

How to get started

Can I receive updates in real time from my workforce?

Yes, with our Realtime Order Tracking, you can easily monitor the locations of your cleaning crews in real-time. This feature enables business owners to stay updated on crucial metrics such as service scheduling, facilitating efficient business management and enhanced customer support. Additionally, customers can benefit from receiving real-time ETA updates, further enhancing their overall experience.

Reduce your operational costs by 30%
Increase delivery capacity by 43%
Plan 7x faster

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