Live ETA information of your customers’ delivery or service is automatically calculated and presented to you when your drivers are using the mobile app.

Where to view Live ETA information

Once your routes have been optimized and the schedule has been sent to your drivers, click on the Live tab to see the routes on the drivers’ phones. The scheduled times for each order are listed in black in the Scheduled at column.

The next three columns – Service start, Service end, and Actual duration – are where you can see Live ETA information displayed. These times are listed in gray and will be updated automatically throughout the day, as soon as real-time information from the mobile apps is received.
The length of time that a job actually lasts is listed in the Actual duration column.

How Live ETA will work for you

If the actual start or end time for a job is different from what was scheduled, the start and end times for that day’s future jobs will be recalculated. You will also be shown the minute length of a delay in orange, or by how many minutes a job will be ahead of schedule, in green.

This information will be adjusted and updated automatically throughout the day – all you need to do is have the Live tab open to see how the day is progressing.

The Live ETA feature will give you the most accurate results if your drivers regularly mark the status of their jobs via the mobile app. However, even when they don’t, their GPS locations and driving speeds are used to calculate, recalculate and update all of your job start and end times.