Orders are defined by the following parameters and constraints.

FieldDescriptionMS Excel Import
Order IDUnique identifier for each Order.Free form.
Order typeDelivery, Pickup or TaskSet it to D for Deliveries, P for Pickup, or T for Task.
DateDate of DeliveryDD/MM/YYYY format, for example 20/12/2013.
PriorityLow, Medium, High or Critical. Orders with higher priority are scheduled earlier – meaning that critical will always be scheduled first.L (Low), M (Medium), H (High), C (Critical)
Assigned toThe Driver that this Order must be forcefully assigned to. Setting this field forces this Order to be served by the set Driver.Serial number of the Driver this order is assigned to.
Location*Delivery/Service locationDefined by:  
Location ID

Unique identifier for a location already existing in the system

or by Address

Full address including country, for example 393 Hanover St, Boston, MA 02113, US

or by Combination of Address Line, Town/City, State/Province, ZIP Code and Country/Region

or by Latitude and Longitude.

Location name is optional, if left blank, location name will be set to the value of address field.

Additional field:
Check-In Time
Time window fromThe earliest time allowed to begin the service (if the driver arrives too early, they will be forced to wait).24-hour (military) time format, for example 08:00
Time window toLatest time to end the service.24-hour (military) time format, for example 15:00
DurationTime at the location required to unload the goods or perform a task (in minutes).Numerical value
Load parametersLoad requirements of the order, i.e. how many load units (Number of boxes, Kilos, Pounds, Liters etc.) should be delivered.Defined by: Load #1, Load #2, Load #3, Load #4, Load #5  

All columns are numerical values. Meaning of the columns depends on the configuration of load/capacity constraints that are used.

Vehicle featuresVehicle features used to differentiate some Vehicles from the others.Vehicle feature codes separated by ;
SkillsDriver skills used to differentiate some Drivers from the others.Skills codes separated by ;
NotesOptional note that will show in the driver’s instructions. Notes do not affect the optimization process.Free form

See how to add custom order fields here.

You can also use OptimoRoute’s Realtime Order Tracking feature to make sure your customers know exactly when to expect the arrival of their orders.

For more information about orders, watch a video on how to plan orders here.