When defining driver details you can also assign driver skills to differentiate some drivers from the others.

For example, if all drivers/technicians make installations but only certain ones can do maintenance and repairs, you can create these two skills in the system. Assign the skills to drivers in driver administration and specify the required skills when you create the orders.

This way, OptimoRoute™ Planner will know that orders requiring these skills will be assigned only to these “skilled” drivers.

Skills can be created in the Skills section of the Administration area (Administration menu can be found in the top right corner of the screen) by clicking on the Add skill button. Enter skill code (optional, used for importing orders from MS Excel), name (mandatory) and description (optional).


To assign skills to drivers go to the Drivers section of the Administration area and double-click a driver to edit him or add a driver by selecting Add driver. Search and select the skills to assign them to the driver.

After defining the skills and assigning them to drivers, you need to associate them to orders. To specify the required skills to serve an order open the Edit order window. Add the required skills under in the Required skills tab.


To specify the required skills during import from MS Excel, enter the skill codes separated by ; in the Skills column. For example to specify that both Maintenance and repairs and Installations are required to serve an order enter MA;INS.