Handle Both Pickups and Deliveries in One Route

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For any company that has to handle a different set of daily services throughout the day, the ability to set order types can be very helpful with organization and planning. OptimoRoute™’s feature for distinguishing a task as a pickup or delivery will aid delivery companies by ensuring available vehicle space is respected. The benefit of this updated feature is based on its effect on vehicle capacity as it relates to delivery or pickup services. Because every vehicle can only hold so many packages, if your driver needs to pick up a package at one stop, you need to know for certain that he will have the space available to so.

Note: all pickups are assumed to be delivered to the depot location, and all deliveries are assumed to be loaded at the depot location.

By setting the order type to a pickup or delivery the software will guarantee that a stop is not planned if it will not adhere to the capacities set by you. Instead, it will place a pickup at a time when you have already completed a delivery (thus opening up space in your vehicle), or possibly on your return to the depot, again ensuring that you have a proper amount of space.

Setting the order type can be done easily in two ways, during the creation of your Excel spreadsheet, or directly within the software, when creating or editing an order.

For the Excel sheet you simply need to create a new column signifying the order as P for Pickup, D for Delivery, or T for Task.

When creating or editing an order manually, the Order Type space now allows you to choose Delivery, Pickup, and Task as an option.

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