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How cleaning businesses have benefited
with OptimoRoute

The fastest optimization software on the market

Scale your business and increase efficiency by 43%

Scale your business and increase efficiency by 43%

Combine laundry and drycleaning pickups and drop-offs in the same route.

Arrive precisely on time and drive customer satisfaction

Arrive precisely on time and drive customer satisfaction

Create schedules around appointment windows that clients ask for and set work order priorities ideal for laundry service.

You can schedule changes in real time 7x faster

You can schedule changes in real time 7x faster

Work around rush deliveries and last-minute orders including next day delivery.

Increase productivity through forward planning

Increase productivity through forward planning

Plan 500 deliveries in less than 30 seconds with schedules up to 5 weeks at a time.

Why use OptimoRoute for routing and scheduling
your linen deliveries

Automate your laundry delivery business in minutes

  • Enter either pickup or drop-off orders in an Excel spreadsheet or CSV and OptimoRoute will schedule the best routes in seconds
  • Plan 1000s of orders, making the most of your team’s capacity to fulfill deliveries on time
  • Include industry specific variables such as customer availability time windows, rush orders or vehicle requirements when routing pickups or deliveries.
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“OptimoRoute is really easy to get started on. The interface makes sense and people on our team were able to figure it out and begin using it very quickly. It has really streamlined our processes and allows us to make changes to our busy routes on the fly.”
Ann S. , Dispatch Supervisor, Canndescent

Sophisticated mapping systems

  • Organize your deliveries according to service areas. Maximize your daily deliveries by restricting drivers to certain areas and avoid unnecessary miles driven.
  • Use features like auto-planning of multiple return trips for unloading or restocking when the vehicle is full or empty
  • Give your planners and dispatchers detailed insights into what service areas require more drivers and optimize accordingly.
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“Our schedulers know that everything is going to get easier and be more efficient for them, and that means more time to meet with leads and management in the field so that they can make appropriate changes – they’re really excited with everything that OptimoRoute is doing for them.”
Brad C. , Planning & Scheduling Leader, Southern Star

Unique scheduling features to manage unique workflows

  • Respect day-of-week constraints – deliver to clients when they are able to accept deliveries (eg. unavailable on Wednesday or Thursday)
  • Arrange pickup of laundry from home location and delivery to a business location
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“There are route optimization programs out there that manage certain constraints, but there isn’t a constraint out there that we can’t manage with OptimoRoute, and that made all the difference in the world.”
Jeff S. , Support Services Manager, Telgian

Live Tracking

  • Oversee your field operations in real time – adjust routes for rush orders and last minute pickups
  • Know where your delivery crews are, know who is on time and who is running late
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“I can easily and quickly open the map to see who has what work left – and reroute some jobs to other crews. The benefits are threefold: it’s a big cost-saver because of overtime, it saves employees’ time, and makes sure that all of the orders for the day are getting completed.”
Randy G. , Owner, Gallagher Pools and Spas

Realtime Order Tracking

  • Integrated and customizable platform for sending email and text message notifications to customers to increase completed deliveries
  • Improved customer satisfaction by keeping them in the loop with live tracking of their technician
  • Minimize the amount of inbound customer inquiries about technician arrival times
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“Optimo is a snap! The driver app lets us stay on top of customer service and now clients can track their own delivery! It’s brilliant!”
Megan D. , Office Manager, Greenleaf Landcare

Record deliveries with Proof of Delivery

  • Pick up or drop off laundry at customers doorsteps and document with image capture
  • Take a photo and make a note on special items that need extra care and view it on your desktop later
  • Use signature collection to get approval on job satisfaction from clients
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Mobile App

  • Send your drivers routes and schedules directly on their smartphones for a streamlined business workflow including push notifications for last minute changes
  • Directly link routes to turn directions for drivers in their navigation app of choice
  • OptimoRoute works offline, for remote locations with little or no coverage
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“We have been impressed by the system’s flexibility with access to a mobile application. It’s exceptionally stable and easy to use for our technicians.”
Monica B. , Operations Manager, Sanixa LLC

How to improve your retail distribution routing


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2. Import your orders, drivers and plan their routes

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3. Read how OptimoRoute opens up new avenues of revenue for CLEAResult.

“With OptimoRoute we have a tool for the long term, it’s stable and will scale and grow with us.”

Frequently asked questions

Is OptimoRoute™ only for laundry delivery services?

No, OptimoRoute is a cloud based field service solution that caters to a wide variety of services across many verticals. Its unique ability is that it can be tailored to any type of field service or laundry business or dry cleaners using our customizable data fields. You can include variables like vehicle size, client time windows, tehnician skills, vehicle size etc.

What do I need to use it?

OptimoRoute™ doesn’t require downloading to your computer. You can use it on your iPad or computer. Once you enter your laundry and dry cleaning tasks , send them directly to your delivery teams’ smartphone (Android or iOS) through our mobile app or email.

How can OptimoRoute help with my laundry and dry cleaning business?

Using OptimoRoute you can create optimized delivery routes, organize dispatching services, client deliveries and order tracking in one place. Using the software you can scale your business by reducing unnecessary miles traveled, costs from employee overtime and more.

Reduce your operational costs by 30%
Increase delivery capacity by 43%
Plan 7x faster

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