If you have ever spent more than 10 seconds planning your daily schedule and route, you’ve been wasting precious time. OptimoRoute™’s route and scheduling optimization software gives you the ability to plan for and service more sites than ever before. Create the most accurate daily plans, that are easily shared via email with each individual inspector. Start and end inspector’s routes from their homes so can start their day faster and work to the very last moment.

  • Plan appointment time windows that suit your customers
  • Consider required skills when assigning work orders to inspectors
  • Prioritize to schedule high priority orders first
  • Set working times and schedule lunch breaks for inspectors
  • Configure start and end locations for your inspectors
  • Upload your work orders via Excel or CSV
  • Export routes and plans as an Excel file, or email directly to inspectors for mobile access
  • Add notes to work orders so every inspector has all the necessary information