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Maximize billable hours and jobs performed. Ensure the right technician and equipment are assigned every time. Minimize operational costs.

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Fast scheduling and route planning for your inspection professionals

The fastest optimization software on the market

Serve 40% more customers with the same workforce

Serve 40% more customers with the same workforce

Increase the productivity of your inspection technicians by reducing driving time and allowing them to start and end routes at their home.

Save more than 30% of your time and money every day

Save more than 30% of your time and money every day

Efficient routes and smarter assignments will save you time and gas, providing savings that you can invest into growing your business.

Automate the process and spend less than 10 seconds daily on planning

Automate the process and spend less than 10 seconds daily on planning

By simply entering your requirements, OptimoRoute will plan the schedule for your technicians to cover more home inspection work orders in less time.

Get started in a matter of minutes

Get started in a matter of minutes

Our skilled route optimization experts are available to you 24/7.

How planning routes and schedules works

Plan more sites than ever before

  • Upload work orders from Excel/CSV or integrate with existing systems
  • Multiple workflow parameters supported: service time windows, inspection type, order priority and many more
  • Efficient multi-stop routes instantly with dynamic replanning to slide mid-day inspection requests easily
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“It used to take three people more than two weeks to plan routes for the whole country. Now, we have 70% more orders per month, and just one person does all of our planning in about one week. We’ve gone from 312 man-hours of planning to 56 man-hours. It’s translated to annual savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars in salaries.”
Jeff S. , Support Services Manager, Telgian

Set rules to manage the technicians on your team

  • Define limits on working hours, overtime work and breaks
  • Consider required skills when assigning work orders and job sites to inspectors
  • Assign field service areas and start and end locations
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“I am able to quickly and efficiently route dozens of work locations for the day. I can specify a time window for individual stops if I want to. I can start and stop at the same location, different locations, whatever I need to do. I spend far less time route planning now than before I used Optimoroute.”
Glenn R. , Home Inspector, Ryerson Enterprises

Track your team’s performance in real time

  • Shows the dispatching team where your technicians are at any time
  • Ability to see in real time what is done, who is behind or what still needs to be done
  • Dispatch last-minute or cancelled orders without hassle and no disruption to the existing routes
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“Fantastic product for tracking and managing vehicles in a company.”
David M. , Infrastructure Lead, Assess Ireland

Give customers real-time service updates

  • Manage customer expectations by first giving them an arrival time window or the scheduled arrival time
  • Minimize the number of inbound customer inquiries about technician arrival times
  • Meet SLAs with realistic schedules and accurate arrival times
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“Communication communication and communication. Our clients
love knowing the status of their deliveries.”

Henry V. , 2 Guys with Knives

Add Proof of Service to tasks

  • Service technicians can take photos & notes in the Mobile App upon service completion
  • Upload photos on-site and record what was done or needs to be continued on your next visit
  • Approve a job is complete with a signature from clients
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Plan weekly schedules for your team

  • Produce schedules up to 5 weeks at a time, optimized based on all the criteria specific to your workflow
  • Stay overnight and continue the next day where they left off
  • Restrict tasks to a specific date or date range
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“There are route optimization programs out there that manage certain constraints, but there isn’t a constraint out there that we can’t manage with OptimoRoute, and that made all the difference in the world.”

Jeff S. , Telgian

Provide task lists and navigation via Mobile App

  • Send schedules and routes to technicians’ mobile devices (iOS and Android app)
  • Fewer locations errors with orders, schedules and navigation in a single app
  • Mid-route changes immediately on driver screens
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“The mobile phone app is so simple, yet elegant in its design it boggles my mind. No heavy features to get in the way, just simple functionality. The GPS tracking in real time is also quite accurate. The fact I can just push a route to my mobile from the Web service is outstanding.”
Mark B. , Delivery Driver, On the Surface Flooring

How to improve your inspection service
with smarter routes


1. Sign up for a 30-day free trial

Our optimization consultant will be in touch immediately.


2. Import your orders, drivers and plan their routes

Everything you need to help you get started.


3. Read how Telgian doubled in volume while reducing planning efforts by 82%

By implementing OptimoRoute, planning is now 82% more efficient, and it takes 1 person an average of 8 days, which translated into a 66% reduction in manpower.

Frequently asked questions

Is OptimoRoute™ only for laundry delivery services?

No, OptimoRoute is a cloud based field service solution that caters to a wide variety of services across many verticals. Its unique ability is that it can be tailored to any type of field service or laundry business or dry cleaners using our customizable data fields. You can include variables like vehicle size, client time windows, tehnician skills, vehicle size etc.

What do I need to use it?

OptimoRoute™ doesn’t require downloading to your computer. You can use it on your iPad or computer. Once you enter your laundry and dry cleaning tasks , send them directly to your delivery teams’ smartphone (Android or iOS) through our mobile app or email.

How can OptimoRoute help with my laundry and dry cleaning business?

Using OptimoRoute you can create optimized delivery routes, organize dispatching services, client deliveries and order tracking in one place. Using the software you can scale your business by reducing unnecessary miles traveled, costs from employee overtime and more.

Reduce your operational costs by 30%
Increase delivery capacity by 43%
Plan 7x faster

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