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How Orders are Defined

Orders are defined by the following parameters and constraints. Field Description MS Excel Import Order ID Unique identifier for each Order. Free form. Order Type Delivery, Pickup or Task Set it to D for Deliveries, P for Pickup, or T for Task. Date Date of Delivery DD/MM/YYYY format, for example…

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Custom Order Fields

In situations where you would like to import and store additional information about orders in OptimoRoute™ you can use custom fields. To enable custom fields navigate, to Administration > Settings and select Custom fields. Up to 5 custom fields for orders are available. Enable the custom fields by clicking on…

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Setting Maximum Number of Orders per Driver

To limit the maximum number of orders per driver we first need to setup a new capacity constraint under Administration > Settings > Capacities. To enable a new capacity constraint, click on the check box and change the label to “Max orders”. To save the changes, click on Apply changes.

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Importing Orders from MS Excel or CSV

Any MS Excel file (template is available here) or CSV file (comma separated value) or tab-delimited file can be imported as long as it contains one of the following options that define the location (all other fields are optional): Address, or Location ID, or Address Line, Town/City, State/Province, ZIP…

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