Route Planning & Scheduling for Healthcare & NEMT Services

Easily plan efficient schedules and routes for healthcare professionals making house calls or providing non-emergency medical transportation to healthcare institutions. Ensure patients are matched with the necessary skilled professionals and plan patient pickup and drop-offs on the same route.

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Help More Patients With Fewer Resources

Improve your fleet management and grow your business with better planning and efficient routes for your healthcare workers and drivers.

Serve 43% more patients with the same number of service providers

Serve 43% more patients with the same number of service providers

Reach more patients with the same resources thanks to improved route planning and dispatching.

Save 30% of your time and money every day

Save 30% of your time and money every day

Reduce driver time spent on the road and save on gas costs.

Reduce time spent planning by 7x and focus on growing your business

Reduce time spent planning by 7x and focus on growing your business

Minimize planning efforts and coordinate seamlessly with your existing systems.

Reliable schedules ensure better service

Reliable schedules ensure better service

Realistic schedules give comfort to each client because they know they’re a priority.

Route Planning Software That Serves Your Needs

Plan schedules for more appointments and trip requests than before

  • Import and Excel or CSV files and schedule routes for your healthcare providers.
  • Create priorities and appointment time windows.
  • Schedule breaks for your employees.
  • Set pickup and drop-off times for NEMT operations.
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Improve efficiency with route planning

  • Create cost-effective, multi-stop routes in seconds.
  • Let your employees start or end their routes at their home location.
  • Automate appointment assignments to medical professionals based on their skills and service areas.
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Support your healthcare professionals on the road

  • See how the day’s schedules are progressing with real-time data.
  • Improve dispatch management by letting dispatchers view your team’s locations live with GPS tracking.
  • Automatically calculate new schedules on-demand to account for new appointments or cancellations.
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Keep clients informed on ETAs

  • Share accurate estimated appointment or pickup times for your clients.
  • Send email and text message notifications with real-time vehicle tracking, so clients know when their provider will arrive.
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Equip your team with our Mobile App

  • Send routes directly to medical professionals’ phones.
  • Appointment details, schedules, navigation are in a single app (iPhone and Android smartphones).
  • Mid-route changes are immediately shown on employees’ screens.
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Plan appointments weeks in advance

  • Schedule appointments or transportation services up to five weeks in advance.
  • Slot jobs into time periods for maximum efficiency.
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Include Proof of Service

  • Capture digital signatures, photos, and notes in the Mobile App.
  • Digitized documentation makes record keeping seamless and resolves client complaints or inquiries.
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How to Improve Your Healthcare Service With Smarter Routes


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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of healthcare businesses does OptimoRoute support?

Our software is designed to support a wide range of healthcare businesses. Whether you’re in the field of home health examinations, pharmacy delivery and distribution, NEMT (Non-Emergency Medical Transportation) services, clinical sample pick up and delivery, or any other healthcare-related service, OptimoRoute can help optimize your routes and streamline your operations.

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What do I need to set up OptimoRoute?

OptimoRoute is a web-based SaaS delivery solution, which means you only need a web browser to access it. There is no need for any installation on your computer. Drivers can receive routes by email, GPS, spreadsheet, or by using our Driver App, available on Android and iOS devices. Click here to learn more about getting started.

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Can OptimoRoute support the particularities of my workflow?

At OptimoRoute, we understand the unique needs of healthcare businesses, and that’s why we offer a range of features designed specifically to support them. If you’re in the NEMT industry, you can rely on our Pick up and Delivery feature, vehicle capacities, and time windows to effortlessly schedule transportation for both wheelchair-bound and ambulatory individuals going to and from their doctor’s appointments. For homehealth care providers, our Weekly Planning feature comes in handy, allowing you to find the optimal time to visit patients while ensuring the right certifications are in place for each specific case. And if you’re in the pharmacy delivery sector, you’ll appreciate our platform’s ability to easily plan multiple runs a day for your drivers, complete with tracking links and the ability to get signatures upon delivery.

Can I plan pickup and drop-off with OptimoRoute?

Our Pickup and Delivery feature effortlessly handles multiple pickup and drop-off points on a route, making it an ideal solution for various healthcare companies and organizations.

How does OptimoRoute improve customer experience?

OptimoRoute’s Realtime Order Tracking feature keeps customers informed by sending emails and text messages with the driver’s or technicians’s expected arrival time, ensuring their confidence in receiving their goods or services. Additionally, our Customer Feedback feature enables immediate feedback after service completion, helping companies stay aware of any exceptions and take necessary actions.

Is there a limit of orders I can plan at once?

Depending on your plan, the limit is 700, 1000, or more. This means that you can import 700, 1000 or thousands of orders at once, as well as have that same number of orders being taken into consideration for planning during your planning timeframe.


Reduce your operational costs by 30%
Increase delivery capacity by 43%
Plan 7x faster

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