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Many delivery businesses face the same issue: your driver completes their route but still has an hour or two left in their shift. With our new Return to Depot feature, your drivers will be scheduled to return to the warehouse to reload, ensuring that not a single minute is wasted.

By using the Return to Depot feature, you can remove the need for unnecessary and inaccurate work arounds for schedules requiring reloading. Furthermore you can now consistently get a fuller work day out of each driver, while also reducing vehicle-related costs even further (carbon footprint, fuel costs, vehicle maintenance).

In the following example, a small company has 3 drivers available to work that day. When simply balancing the routes between available drivers, both Guy and Jane are loaded to full or near capacity, and complete their respective routes in 6.5 hours. Let’s see how the Return to Depot feature changes this optimization.

When the Return to Depot option has been chosen, we now see that Jane is capable of completing each delivery by herself. Guy is now available to join John in working on another project.

As a result of utilizing the Return to Depot feature we see that numbers across the board have decreased. Total man hours reduced from a combined 12:50 hours down to 7:40 by one driver. Mileage decreased from 52.42 km/32.5 mi across two drivers to 47.29 km/ 29.38 mi driven by one driver. And last but not least, all deliveries still managed to be completed while observing the time window of one of the orders, and allowing the driver to take their lunch break.

With the addition of one simple checkbox, OptimoRoute™ has further increased in both efficiency and productivity for the delivery industry.

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