Scheduling Routes That Accommodate Breaks

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OptimoRoute™ plans your route to maximize efficiency, which includes taking into account your driver’s daily break. When a break is taken arbitrarily it can disrupt the remaining scheduled orders. This can be especially problematic when you have a specific time window available for certain deliveries, services or appointments.

Taking into consideration that many countries legally require employees to take a break during the work day, we have incorporated a simple way to guarantee a break period in a way that minimizes the impact on the daily schedule.

In the Administration menu under the Drivers setting, dispatchers can set a specific time frame which allows OptimoRoute™ to identify the most beneficial time to implement the break.

To allow for your driver to take a 30 minute break, simply input a time frame (for example: 11:30 am until 1:00 pm), and OptimoRoute™ will consider all given factors and produce a convenient break period within the allotted time.

US regulations: (varies between States)

  • Paid 10-minute rest period for each 4 hours worked or major fraction thereof; as practicable, in middle of each work period. Not required for employees whose total daily work time is less than 3 and ½ hours.

EU/European regulations:

  • a break or breaks totalling at least 45 minutes after no more than 4 hours 30 minutes driving

Canadian regulations:

  • Most jurisdictions in Canada provide workers with a meal break of at least half an hour after each period of five consecutive hours of work. Employers are not normally required to pay workers for time spent on a meal break.

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