Breadcrumb routes are automatically calculated – you don’t have to activate anything and no additional information about your jobs or drivers is needed. The drivers only have to use the mobile app to get real route data from their devices.

How to view Breadcrumbs routes

Once your routes have been optimized and the schedules have been sent to your drivers, go to the Live tab. To the left of the map, under Show route you’ll see three options: Planned – Actual – Both.

On Planned (the default setting) you will see the planned route, represented by a colored line.

To see the Breadcrumbs route that the driver actually took, click on Actual. This will only show the Breadcrumbs route on the map, represented by a thin dotted line.

Using Breadcrumbs to compare planned routes to the routes actually taken

If you’d like to see both routes at the same time for comparison, click on Both – and the Breadcrumbs route will be superimposed over the planned route, where any deviations from the planned route will be easy to see.

Breadcrumbs as an Analytics feature

(Available only in Pro and Custom subscriptions)

In the Analytics tab you can view Breadcrumbs routes superimposed on planned routes from previous days.

There are two ways of accessing this information:

Analytics tab – click on the last item of the Menu called Plan History.

Live tab – click on View History (to the left of the map). This will take you to the Plan History item on the Analytics tab menu.

You can configure the Breadcrumbs history shown on the map with two filters (under the Menu), depending on what you want to analyze:

Plan date: Click on the calendar symbol and select the date that you would like to view.
Driver/s: You can select one driver or multiple drivers from the list under Plan date.

Finally, you can also configure the routes shown according to the order status of every stop.

Just like in the Live tab, the row under the map lets you choose from: